Jul 20, 2013

President Obama: What America Got Right

"Wonderful statement issued by Trayvon's parents thanking Pres for today's remarks. Their son's tragic death will not be in vain if we listen" Geraldo Rivera

Chloe Louise Geraldo, you did a real good job going against Bill, O'Reilly, the ugly American, the other evening talking about Al Sharpton. 

In the first place, you spoke so eloquently and factually bill could not jump in and cut you off, his hallmark, and secondly, you were able to tell the story and make the complete statement and say nice things about someone who works hard for the average citizen. 

Bill went on CBS and said he was watching out for regular working folks but in reality I think the person looking out for regular working folks is Al Sharpton. 

Bill, started out by saying he was tired of Al Sharpton but you stopped him in his tracks. 

I am convinced these right wing nuts, Bill and Sean, never even bother to listen to Rev. Sharpton, because if they actually listened and took in the information they would have to change their platform and that is what they do not want to do under any circumstances.

borrowing the words form the facebook website of Geraldo Rivera...........

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