Jul 23, 2013

Note to CNN: Please keep Strombo

Just can't resist asking....what about Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren? I really think that is the best television show I have ever seen, but I also am not a Sopranos expert and I know everyone loves that one, too. 

I really like Strombo and I think he is a great interviewer and CNN is lucky to have him. Most radio and television interviewers really never get to that level of actually having a lengthy informational chat with a guest without either talking the whole time themselves or insulting the guest or somehow making them uncomfortable. 

The show then becomes about the host. George let Henry Winkler and Larry King and Aisha Tyler say information that can be useful and inspirational to the average viewer--that is really pretty high up in the talk show world.

I would say he is in the category of Larry King and Johnny Carson.

Good job to George and I hope CNN comes to their senses and keeps him on.

here is what I put on my blog if you would like to read it....


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