How America Got It Right and Bill O'Reilly Got It Wrong......

Well, Geraldo Rivera eloquently went up against Bill the other evening this week and nicely laid him out when Bill tried to claim that rallies across the nation affiliated with the Reverend Al Sharpton were actually fizzling out and just how tired he was of hearing about the Reverend in regards to the death of Trayvon Martin.

Who is this guy Al Sharpton, anyway--Bill's lesson in marginalizing someone and their cause.

Then Bill recently went on CBS to tell how he, in fact, was the only one watching out for the average citizen, he was the "watchdog" for the regular working guy.

Bill--Meet Reverend Al Sharpton. Your spin--in your "no spin zone"--was, in fact, incorrect. Yes, Bill, you tried to spin it and you were wrong. Take a look at USA Today and listen to CNN. There were many, many people in all cities all across he country that came out in favor of Trayvon Martin and Al Sharpton.

Oh, right Bill, there was one other person, too. That would be our very well spoken president, Barack Obama. Yes, that's what we all got right in America--electing Barack Obama to the presidency.

We not only have someone to speak about healthcare for all of the citizens, to stand up against Rush Limbaugh against bashing women and their healthcare rights, but now we actually have a President of color who can have a very personal and needed discussion on race and what it means in the United States.

That's right Bill--we got it right and you, in your no spin zone--got it wrong.

Will, Bill be man or woman enough to admit it and maybe even apologize to Al Sharpton?

Will Bill even admit that he made and error. If he did it would cut to his platform and he may have to think about it and discuss the issues of the civil rights of many groups in America in a meaningful way.

And he might have to come to terms with the biggest fact of all. Bill--open your eyes--who is the average working guy in America. How was President Obama elected? America is a beautiful coat of many colors, that is our history.

Bill O'Reilly: Meet the Reverend Al Sharpton.

here is Bill today in The Desert Sun: