Jul 18, 2013

Geraldo Rivera beautifully Defends Al Sharpton to O'Reilly

Geraldo Rivera beautifully defends Al Sharpton to O'Reilly and Bill almost "goes O'Reilly."

That would be this evening  on Fox News and The Factor.

Just wondering Bill, what actually is your problem with Al Sharpton?

Could it be Al Sharpton is able to talk with people and represent them well.  Could it be Reverend Sharpton has compassion and promotes non-violence but still keeps working tirelessly for equality for all.  

Could it be Bill O'Reilly is completely out of touch.

If Bill would bother to really listen to Al Sharpton he would see that he has offered very soothing words to many people in this time of anger in our country.

To put it mildly--Al Sharpton is culturally sensitive--Bill is not.

Bill, you could try to listen and understand.  I dare you.  You could give Al Sharpton credit, but them you would have to admit there may be a problem with equality in our society.  We can work on the problem, you can too, Bill.  You may have to go away from your current platform and become enlightened.

Come on, Bill, you can do it.

Thank you Geraldo, that was a good job.


well, here's mediaite--they actually say it a lot better.......

Geraldo Battles Bill O’Reilly Over Whether Al Sharpton Is ‘Exploiting Trayvon Martin’s Death’

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Geraldo Rivera may not like how Al Sharpton‘slobbying forced the “weak” case against George Zimmerman, but on Bill O’Reilly‘s show tonight against the idea that Sharpton’s been exploiting the case and Trayvon Martin‘s death for his own benefit. They clashed a bit when O’Reilly continued pressing Rivera to give a straight answer on whether his motives are pure or not.
O’Reilly declared that people have had enough of Sharpton, showing a clip of him saying that Stand Your Ground laws need to be repealed in order to prevent future Trayvon Martins. O’Reilly told Rivera the perception of Sharpton is that he’s a “selective cherry-picker who’s doing this for his own self-aggrandizement.” Rivera defended Sharpton as the “premiere civil rights activist of the 21st century” and called him a fair man who brings national attention to important minority issues.
O’Reilly directly asked him, “Is he exploiting Trayvon Martin’s death or is he analyzing it in a fair way.” Rivera started to answer that Sharpton latched onto an issue that touched a nerve with the black community, but O’Reilly interjected to say he was “dancing,” pressing him further to answer.
Rivera allowed that Sharpton is “exploiting” the case in the sense that he is commercially bringing it into the limelight, but continued to defend his motivations in doing so. O’Reilly skeptically asked if Sharpton’s motives are pure. Rivera shot back that they’re “much more pure than you give him credit for.”
Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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