Jul 19, 2013

Finally, CNN comes to its senses and plays George Strombo

Finally...CNN gets a clue and plays George Stombo

and..........as I predicted.....

waiting, waiting, waiting weeks........

first its on, then its off, then its on........

the show was excellent.  George Stroumboulopoulos is a brilliant interviewer.   

Oh, he leans in........

Seriously, he has this interview thing down to a science.  Of course, I love Larry King, just like me he loves to ask questions, but, I do not know if he always loves  to have the table turned.  George conducted an excellent interview--Larry was very comfortable and we were so lucky to find out interesting things about his early life, how Larry feels about live television, working, even though he is no longer just starting out and just what makes him tick.

George's interview with Aisha Tyler, beautiful comedian and actress, writer and extraordinary personality was also brilliant.  This lady has so much to offer and George asked all the right questions.  She likes to make people feel comfortable and feel like they belong.  I enjoyed both of these interviews because they got to talk and tell their thoughts.  I really liked Aisha--she is actually inspirational.

His third interview with fight promoter Dana White was informational and scary as well, as he told about being intimidated for 2,500.00 by thugs of Whitey Bolger at the ripe old age of 21.  He immediately left town that day.

George Strombo has the knack for making the guest feel comfortable and that secret that most talk show hosts (not Larry King)  often never, ever get--to let the guest give us their very personable information that we can use--it might apply to us and be helpful and that's the coolest thing to achieve on a talk show.

George is serious and he acts interested--to put it simply--he is really very good.

Thank you CNN, for finally putting on the new George Strombo show--please don't take it off now that I like it and look forward to good info and talk.

Thank you George, that was a good job and I enjoyed seeing your new show.


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