Jul 23, 2013

Bill O'Reilly: Spinning in the No Spin Zone

Bill constantly says he is telling the truth but here is a blatant example of how he tried to spin it and was incorrect.  I wish I could speak as well as Geraldo did the other evening on the show but here is my attempt anyway.  I have written quite a few times about Bill on my blog--the ronnie republic.  If you do not want to click on the link just google the ronnie republic and bill o'reilly.  Thank you for your time.

Sometimes I think the whole thing of Bill O'Reilly is just a cover for racism.  I mean, why is he constantly trying to tell people of African-American descent how to act--as if he knows the answer if people would only listen to him.  

Seriously, what are his credentials--for instance compared to President Obama and Eric Holder.  Not just that these two are African-American and have lived the facts but are they not also learned individuals with education in this particular area.  Wouldn't they be more prepared to talk on the issue than Bill?  

I've gone on now too much.......

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