Jul 19, 2013

Bill O'Reilly: Meet Al Sharpton

Talking about Al Sharpton........

this is when he seemed quite  impressive to me:

.....interviewing a group of advocates in Cleveland during the chaos of the three beautiful girls held hostage in the house of Mr. Castro for several years.  The men said "Oh, Hi, Reverend Al....." as if they knew him and they were on a first name basis.  The neighborhood group continued to talk to him without fear or nerves--they were able to say what they were thinking as if they were on equal footing with the Reverend.  

Making the point that Reverend Al Sharpton does represent  and give a voice to a certain working class group of people, just the average citizen, of any color or social orientation that may not otherwise be heard.  He has a certain gift to promote conversation and receive information.

On the other hand.....Bill O'Reilly is so busy cutting people off he is interviewing he does not really get the scoop.  He doesn't get the get.....  When someone he does not like or is afraid of talks he can't handle it.  Maybe the person had something important to tell, good info; Bill will not know because he's too busy being arrogant...he does not listen.

or the more important question...is Bill O'Reilly capable of conversation.........

I would say this to Bill or anyone who criticizes Reverend Sharpton........

Perhaps you are not really listening to Al Sharpton, have you watched his show?  I do not watch him every day but often right before Chris Mathews, as time permits.  

Have you read the opinions of the contributors to the news networks?  Many of them say the same thing, including Eric Holder....stand your ground is really not a fair law and not applied fairly.  It is hard for me to hear and believe that black fathers have to have a certain conversation with their sons about not running away from the police, including Eric Holder, himself, being stopped running when he was a federal prosecutor.  

But not just for a certain culture or group of people, we do not want laws that allow vigilante justice on any kid of any color or any group.  Unfortunately, the kids do not always act correctly and have poor judgement or do not live in reality--the other thing I have noticed--the boys are huge and sometimes are quick to fight, and the girls, too. I am not talking about Trayvon Martin, but teenagers, in general--they are kids but we do not want them to die for it.  

A little example:  Bario Logan, San Diego--the 12 year old boys were often beat up for gang affiliation where I worked; point being--that incident would never happen at the rich white schools.  That was shocking news to me and I have lived in middle class white San Diego forever.  So I guess it is true--we see the world through a white prism.  

What language are they speaking............

The police were constantly questioning the kids, "What tats do you have, who do you back?"

Bill O'Reilly says he is representing the folks, but in reality Al Sharpton is probably more realistically representing the folks.  Bill said he is the watchdog looking out for the regular working guy--Bill...meet Al Sharpton.

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