Jun 28, 2013

too many kids are dying...let's help President Obama with this gun thing.....

too many kids are dying...let's help President Obama with this gun thing.....

maybe we can have a vote or something...we can write about it and talk about it....could we be moms against guns...the more we talk about it, write about it and do anything about it the more new and good ideas will come to the forefront to solve the situation.

I know there are many groups against guns, now, but I am thinking MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has has many positive outcomes--it is easy to hear and remember.

what is your good idea.

Jeremy Irons made a doc about trash...he is a big name with a real good voice.....

sometimes that is what it takes......a famous person that everyone easily sees and hears.....to tell the thing in a simple way........something we all can easily do to solve the problem.

We do not have to do much but we can each do our own little bit.

Would that work with guns?

Maybe Jeremy could make a doc about guns in the UK.  There are not guns in the big, beautiful city of London.....

How do they survive without guns?

I would like to know that answer......could we use some of their ideas here in the US.

How many kids died from guns there last year?

How many kids died in Chicago last year from guns.

Could Piers Morgan make a doc about guns?  Life in the UK versus life in the US, with and without guns.  I would love to hear from law enforcement in the UK--how to they feel--what is their opinion of the situation.

What are your good ideas?


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