Jun 23, 2013


Suze Orman And Her Stupid Jacket.......

Lady, you're out of line and out of touch......if your financial sense is anything like your fashion sense I think you've got some work to do.

Is that jacket a need or a want?

my love hate relationship with suze orman.......

heck, I wish I was suzy orman...minus that jacket

The jacket is stunning but stupid....appearing on CBS Sunday Morning today in a ridiculous blinding bright blue leather jacket, in the middle of summer; and expecting me to listen to her pound on about using good judgement....cute but ridiculous.

You’re not going to talk to me about spending my money with that jacket on.....carefully watching every cent....Do I really need it, or do I just "want" it.....can I actually afford it?

No one in the world “needs” that jacket.

How dare Suze Orman go on television and shout at me about what to spend, where and when--need versus want--and stand there in that stupid blue jacket.

Suze--did you really need a bright blue jacket?

is that practical?

How many outfits can you wear that thing with--are all of your outfits neutral and that is your only color--blinding bright blue?

I don’t care how rich and successful you are.....you are out of line.

And don't try to tell me you can afford it because you cannot expect anyone to take you seriously on any subject, particularly money, while you're ranting on about need versus want in iridescent blue motorcycle regalia during a heat wave.

It just doesn't work for me--it's a fashion and financial faux pas.

Besides all of that--I don’t want to hear Suze spout off again about holding her spending and holding her dollars until she can get some input from single moms--you get some info out there about the cost of cheer leading, lady, and then you can talk.

Yes, I do admire suze--she is far more successful than I am--well, anybody is....but please, you are way out of touch.

Yes, your idea is basically good, but to quote you, you are not practical--that holier than thou theory just does not work with kids, being tired, stupid ex-husbands and always being overworked...exhausted and angry...and pissed off at the facility.  Oh right, and not to mention the other kids with their big ideas....and don’t forget cooking a healthy meal...sitting down to dinner together without television and other fantasies.

Oh, I wish I could be as smart and full of good judgement as suze....

No, I am not talking about the gay or straight thing...

I’m talking about time and being tired and trying to make the right decision about raising children, working, biding your time......and making good financial decisions.

Lady--get some more info--from real people--take that f+++ing jacket off, you don’t need, and then you can talk.

from the 100 dollar old school oak writing desk of chloe louise...I don’t really need this big desk but I do like it.

talking about suze and her latest rant on cbs sunday morning......

(my rant back...oh, mom, are you on one of your rants again......)

I guess she forgot about her “one pair of gold earrings she’s had for 20 years” when she bought that jacket. She could have bought more earrings--oh, I certainly could afford them, but I just don't need them so I keep wearing the same pair. Perhaps a style consultant would have been a frugal investment?


Self-righteousness (also called sanctimoniousness, sententiousness, and holier-than-thou attitudes[1]) is a feeling or display of (usually smug) moral superiority[2] derived from a sense that one's beliefs, actions, or affiliations are of greater virtue than those of the average person......from wiki...cl

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