Jun 5, 2013

Whispers--from the Website of JFK Assassination Expert Larry Hancock

copied from the website of Larry Hancock........

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by Larry Hancock

I wanted to share an very informative article just prepared for posting by my friend Rex Bradford.  The article is taken from a presentation Rex gave at a Lancer conference in 2008 and is the sort of overview work that we truly to see brought forth for the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.  I should note that Rex is doing the same sort of overview for this November's conference, focusing on the period following the assassination. He will address the obfuscation which occurred during what was supposed to be an open investigation of the murder - but which we now know was something a good bit different.
Rex's piece, just published online, deals with remarks and insights from those individuals who know or felt there was something more to the assassination than you would find in the Warren Commission report. Overall it gives a quite chilling view of what people did not want to face up to, including people in a position to have some very legitimate concerns. It definitely should be shared with as many people as possible as we move forward to November.
Whispers from A Silent Generation,  Rex Bradford
-- Larry

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