Jun 4, 2013

My friends Charlotte and Jane

Reading a book by Karen Smith Kenyon,  THE BRONTE FAMILY--PASSIONATE LITERARY GENIUSES. According to her bio she lives in SD, it would be fun to ask her a few questions about writing her book as I live in San Diego  too.  

To me, Charlotte and Jane Eyre are magical figures.  I visited Haworth a few years ago and it was practically an earth shaking experience for me.  Charlotte and Jane represent a certain unshakable truth about mankind--seriously, I could hardly keep from crying when I saw her tiny dress as if I knew them and they were my friends that had endured suffering and hardship--well, in a way I guess they are available to everyone as a friend because they are a classic in literature and it is easy to see why.

Visiting the Bronte Parsonage was really quite inspirational.  I would love to take that trip again and this time I want to take the walk on the moors--everyone always says to bring a raincoat just in case....


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