Jun 9, 2013

I Would Like To Publicly Thank Larry Hancock.....

I would like to publicly thank Larry Hancock for taking the time to respond to my comment on his website having to do with his post Whispers.....

Well, obviously not only is he a brilliant JFK Assassination researcher but he is also kind and gracious.  No wonder he is so well-respected in the field.  His post was so inspirational to me I really went off on what my kids would call my own rant.  I could not stop thinking in the night--I must make some sort of new comment and include an apology.

Well, instead, as everyone can see Larry went on not only to respond with important information about the upcoming JFK Assassination Conference put on by Lancer every November in Dallas,  but he took time to answer my comment in a way that was very in depth, interesting and informational.  

Wow, Larry....I really want to go on your tour this November in Dallas....thank you for your kindness and your good information.

I’m just hoping you do not connect my post to me as a participant on the tour.......


chloe louise,

and here is my comment with some spelling corrections.......

Dear Larry–I love your work and I like to post it on my blog–The Ronnie Republic and I have been following you for a long time. I have two very important things to say…First and foremost…what do you suggest for the average JFK buff on attending Dallas in November. I previously read about a Dealy Plaza Tour on Sunday and I think it was by Lancer. What do you suggest one does to join in on the interesting things that will be taking place in Dallas this November. I would love to hear you speak. Looking forward to your suggestions…
Second, and this is only a comment….reading further on your post provided by the link. I really enjoyed reading this info by Mr. Bradford but it started reminding me of the time I read in Vanity Fair ages ago about the Chappaquiddick incident of Teddy Kennedy. Of course it was an accident, but instead of just going to the police and going on with it, the Kennedys did everything they could do to make the thing proper in light of their public office and the whole thing turned into a big mess. Instead of fixing it up as they set out to do it just became more complicated and grounds for ridicule. This is the problem I have with Bobby Kennedy.
Now I feel like there are about 4 major problems with info on the JFK incident. First, I think it was all on a need to know basis, and involved seedy individuals which would include mob and CIA. Those people are never going to talk and even within those groups there are probably many who suspect most of the facts but there is not and never will be any certainty. The problem with that is, and I hate to say it, but if there is never a solid 30 second take away for the American public of who actually pulled the trigger and why, the whole thing is never going to fly….especially now because I think that most people cannot take time to be bothered to understand this highly complicated story.
Once I read and saw the movie, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, I realized there are way too many Roddy Martindales out there. The info is like stocks and stars in the sky. It is right there but we are never going to be able to see it clearly because there is so much counter information or obfuscation to go along with it. Thirdly–think about it–with members of the Kennedy family living and active in political society–what is the government going to say–oh, we accidentally killed your family member or allowed it to happen. I just don’t think the people in charge are going to let those facts come to light in a clear fashion that everyone can understand. The last thing–once we start finding out all of this information there is always plenty of real unflattering info about the Kennedys themselves, everything from Mary Meyer, many other women, the health of John Kennedy, the arrogance of the family, particularly the dad and Jack and Bobby. Really, I want to know the answer–I saw Oswald shot trying to watch cartoons that morning 50 years ago–but I think the whole thing is just too much. When I start hearing some of these facts that are so seedy--its like I just can’t take anymore and have to move on to another subject.
Well, what do you think? Seriously, your book and your ability as a speaker is one of the best approaches because there is a certain subtlety to it that can be more tolerated and believed and accepted. And that’s the other thing–once all the arguing starts among the researchers the listeners shut their ears, their eyes glaze over and everything is lost. I hate to say all of this because I have been following it forever–my family teases me–but I am beginning to have my doubts. And I don’t intend any of this in a mean way–I actually mean it all as a compliment by an interested observer who has been following this info forever. I really think The Men Who Killed Kennedy is one of the best things out there because its understandable and it tells a somewhat reasonable story.
Thank you for your time and letting me speak–I really appreciate it and I appreciate your work. I appreciate the work of all the researchers. cl

here is a link to that page on the website of Larry Hancock:


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