Jun 29, 2013

Hey CNN: Where is the New George Strombo and Larry King

Hey CNN:  Where is the New George Strombo and Larry King

Gosh right when you get to like something and look forward to it they change everything!

I was really looking forward to seeing Larry King on the new George Strombo show on CNN.  I love Larry, I've watched him FOREVER  and I was waiting to see him all week.
I like to hear what Larry has to say--he's always positive and he is one of the best television interviewers in the business.  He says he's always curious and I am too and that's why I like him.

Friday night is not full of TV choices, as it is, for this news and PBS type person.

And now it's gone.......

And replaced with what.....more Anderson Cooper?  

Now, I like Anderson, I like him very much, but seriously, enough is enough. 

Actually, last evening Anderson Cooper's interview with the ex-wife of the father of Trayvon Martin was stunning.  I will remember it forever.  It seems like the father used her, of course she raised his kids and, by the way, loved them and took care of them, until he found someone new and then excluded her from information as if she did not have feelings.  It was tearful and hurtful for me.....It felt like she was totally used and I went away with a dislike for men.  

Anderson is talented.....but it is not the Anderson Cooper network....or is it?

If CNN would listen to me about what shows to put on I'd be a little happier....

Well, since you asked:

Right now I'll be watching, Fred and the legal boys....now if they change that there's going to be a high price to pay on my blog.

I'm still waiting for Style With Elsa Klench....Fashion Backstage Pass with Alina and her cute hairdoo will suffice nicely...on a weekly basis.

I'n not a fan of Mr Bourdain but the show on Libya was really enlightening.  I know everyone else really loves him--less of himself in that group and it would be a more tolerable situation.

Wait...what is happening right now....Fred and the boys are on early....are my clocks wrong...is it the heatwave, the cats......I've got to go.......



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