Jun 15, 2013

Henry Winkler to CNN's George Strombo: I Really Don't Care For My Parents

If Fonzie can say it I can say it, too.

Henry Winkler Talks Parenting on George Strombo's New CNN Show

TV Friday: CNN raises the curtain on Strombo’s new show — again

Stroumboulopoulos promises lively, smart talk on host's own terms

On his CNN show, George Stroumboulopoulos decides whom he talks to, for how long, and what they can talk about.
On his CNN show, George Stroumboulopoulos decides whom he talks to, for how long, and what they can talk about.PHOTO: CBC

Henry Winkler on the new show of CNN.......I'm just calling it the George Strombo show......

Well, it was real good and Henry Winkler was particularly good, interesting and informative.  He does not really care for his parents.  While this news may hurt some people's feelings it was music to my ears.  

Right, to me, enough people do not talk about this kind of thing....

You are a kid, you know something is wrong, you have food and some clothes, but life is so confusing you can't get on with it.....

That's right, you're stifled, stopped, what's going on, I can't stand it.....it leads to a life of total confusion...do you know how many people told me, when I was a kid.....you need to have more self-confidence?  After a while I just said yes; really, I had no clue what they were talking about, I finally started agreeing to get on with it and get away from the stupid adult without arguing and getting in trouble....

You can't say you do not like your parents to most people.........

It's against the Bible....

I finally learned that.  I kept trying to talk about it and no one wanted to listen.  Because most people do love their parents even though they may have made a few mistakes.  They think you are unnatural, an oddity, mentally ill.....but in my case it didn't help that mother kept going behind my back and telling everyone I was mentally ill...mentally ill and dirty.  

I'm embarrassed to write this...

Enough about me, but thank you to Henry Winkler and George.

Good job to George, Henry and CNN.

here is some more things about Henry and I copied it from Imdb...

I love being a parent. (April 2007)
There is a gigantic learning curve for parents, knowing when to shut up. My son Max says to me, "Every time you talk to my friends, there has to be a life lesson. Can't you just say hello?"
I was 31 when I realised I wasn't stupid. Dyslexia was diagnosed in me, along with my stepson Jed and, as it turns out, in all our children. They've had the same confidence issues I had. You can't protect them from that, but what you can do is tell them they're fantastic 15 times a day.
American movies have destroyed people's ability to relate. If a guy puts his head on your stomach, soon enough that head will feel so heavy, it hurts. The reality is that relationships are hard work with tremendous highs and desperate lows, incredible battles and moments of wonder and admiration. You have to take the whole package.
I've been married to Stacey Winkler for 30 years. The key to an enduring relationship is in the ear, not the heart or mind. How you think or feel about what you are saying is not what is important. What matters is how they hear it. After 30 years, there is only one reason to stay together - because you really want to.
The Fonz was the Yin to my Yang. He was everything I wanted to be because there was nothing cool about me growing up. I became good looking when I was 28, when Happy Days started. Suddenly girls were knocking on my hotel door. Being chased was wonderful with a capital W. Holy mackerel, yes! I was happy to take advantage of that for a couple of years.
I could never hang on to girlfriends. I was funny, but too intense. I wrote one girl 150 love letters, all of them misspelt, and waited like a puppy outside her classroom door. Turned out she was seeing someone else all along.
I learnt to have a sense of humour. As an undiagnosed dyslexic, you spend a third of your time trying to figure out what's wrong with you, a third of your time trying to figure out why you can't figure it out and the final third trying to cover up the shame and humiliation.
I vowed two things as a boy. The first was that I would be an actor, the second that I would never be like my parents. My father spoke 11 languages, my mother had no problem spelling. Their nickname for me was dummer hund - dumb dog, said often enough for it not to be funny. The idea that a child should be seen and not heard is arcane and barbaric.
My one word with which to live life would have to be tenacity. My parents were Jews who fled Nazi Germany in 1939. I learnt tenacity from them when what I needed was their pride.
here is a link to that page on Imdb:

George Stroumboulopoulos goes fearlessly — again — where many have gone before, but few have succeeded. Friday marks the official debut of Strombo’s new CNN interview programStroumboulopoulos, following a sneak preview last weekend. The preview did not reel in as many viewers as CNN and Strombo would have liked, but Friday is its regular day and time, and it’s on Fridays numbers the show will be judged.
Stroumboulopoulos follows in the trail of other talk shows, including a short-lived weekend program hosted by standup comedian and occasional political commentator D.L. Hughley, that landed a spot on CNN’s prime-time schedule but didn’t stay the course.
Stroumboulopoulos is part summer replacement program and part summer job for Strombo, who told a Toronto sports-radio station last week that he’ll resume his duties with CBC at the summer’s end. CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight isn’t going away any time soon, in other words. It’s simply taking a summer break.
the info about the new George copied from:

talking about good moms........
Of course, I am writing this while I'm watching my favorite CNN show of all time, Fred Whitfield and her legal boys, Richard and Avery....do you see how Fred treats those boys....

She makes them feel like a million dollars and they feel so happy and accomplished...they are ready to go out and face the world with confidence...
Good job Fred...you're a good mom.

why I want to divorce my mother and marry my cat:


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