Jun 3, 2013

Charlotte Cory: Capturing the Brontes

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An installation by Charlotte Cory, one of the country's leading surreal photographic artists. The exhibition is an imaginative, witty and informative exploration of the Brontës and the history of early photography, drawing on the Victorian craze for collecting cartes des visite – portraits once produced in their millions and now discarded. Using twenty-first century techniques, Cory creates colourful new characters for these long forgotten figures, which are at the same time poignantly reminiscent of Victorian taxidermy; animals collected and preserved for posterity in their glory, and now extinct.


copied from the Bronte Society webpage by chloe louise

Charlotte Cory: Capturing the Brontes

Imaginative, witty installation on the history of early photography
October 04th 2013 12:00am - December 31st 2013 12:00am

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