May 24, 2013

The Rolling Stones Finally Come to Their Senses and Play the Music of Mick Taylor with Mick Taylor

The Rolling Stones with Mick Taylor--Sway--Los Angeles

from Kleermaker1000....

here is the link to Kleermaker1000 on you-tube for more Rolling Stones with Mick Taylor:

Here we go for all of the Mick Taylor fans out there......The Rolling Stones finally came to their senses and started playing the music of Mick Taylor....and brought him back to the group. Good job Mick and Mick.

I copied this from my favorite you tube Rolling Stones Chanel Kleermaker1000...

and here are some nice comments for that page, as well:

  • Finally. Mick Taylor has been shredding this song for decades, his song. Glad he got his few seconds in the sun. Wish they had let him play for another 10 mins or so on the second solo. Check out some of the other videos of MT playing this song. Simply beautiful.
  • ramsareit 
    Wow, only waited since 1980 for this.....a mere 33 years...and here it is...! Thanks so much, I appreciate your efforts...Jagger is 70 in two months....unbelievable

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