May 3, 2013

The Princess Diana Fountain in Hyde Park, London, England

from flickr:

the ronnie republic Pro User says:

I tried to capture the look and feel and the sound of this fountain. Everyone was really having a good time. It is a tranquil setting and I think it has complete design balance. The set slide show takes about 5 minutes. The Gran with the kids was telling me how much she admired Diana and she felt Diana would be here in spirit for the wedding. She also loved William and Harry and Kate.

These pictures were taken approximately 2 years ago right before the wedding of William and Kate. Hyde Park has so many beautiful fountains--they are all very interesting and different. There is a very nice and affordable cafeteria type restaurant there, as well.

On Google Maps it is real easy to zoom in on all of these areas and plan an easy walking tour of Hyde Park.  The tube stations are easy to see, as well.

 link to:
The Serpentine Bar and Kitchen in Hyde Park

We're open no matter the weather so if you need a quick coffee on way way through the park, or are looking for somewhere to meet friends for brunch on a Sunday there really is no better place to sit back, relax and enjoy the view - whatever the weather!

To see our breakfast menu and all other menus, click here.

Please check the website of The Serpentine for exact prices and location as there are many places to eat in Hyde Park but this is particularly nice with the swans by the lake.....affordable or expensive....this can mean anything in London.....

A little price warning so as not to be surprised on the charge card bill later.....

A cup of coffee for one and a rest at a relaxing chair by the lake while enjoying the view of the swans is one thing but a large lunch for two can easily become very pricy in London....basically I just consider everything to be doubled by the time I see it on my charge card and who likes a surprise like that.....talking about the US dollar to the pound.

I'm just saying it is a lot less expensive when I go alone as compared to buying lunch and a glass of wine for the two of us if I bring my daughter on my vacay.....having said that it is much more fun for me when we go know what I mean.......

link from google:  Serpentine Bar and Kitchen London:

and the link to google maps:,London,+UK&cid=0,0,3322543303888937233&ei=auKDUbjFFaesiAKExYDADg&ved=0CEAQrwswAQ

more good info on Hyde Park: 

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