May 25, 2013

Jagger and Taylor Sway LA: Two Beautiful Micks

Sway LA:  Two Beautiful Micks--Is Jagger Finally Unshackled From Insult Ridden Keith Richards with the re addition of Taylor to the Stones.

Mick Jagger and Mick Taylor--happy and re-energized.....

It seems that way--new music--old music rediscovered--new-old talent and a breath of fresh air added to the ever popular Rolling Stones

Well everyone I know, all the stones fans I know--have been desperately waiting for this Stones moment--to hear Mick Taylor play Can't you Hear Me Knocking, Sway, Midnight Rambler with the Rolling Stones.

Its puts Keith and Ronnie in a different class--Jagger is respectable--Keith is not the only extremely talented guitar player in the group.

The re-addition of Mick Taylor slightly usurps Keith's hold on Mick.  As if Keith Richards can dish out any insult at any time always justifying it with a threadbare excuse.  Richards acts as if he is so talented--the only engine driving the train--he has license to do or say whatever he pleases.

Enter Mick Taylor........

from Kleermaker 1000.........

First time we can hear 'Knocking' played live by The Stones with Taylor. 
Incredible! Finally they've opened the door for Taylor after all his knocking!
Best video and audio available thus far combined
* credits to Dan for the audio recording (remaster done by Strettonbull)
* credits to prestoff2000 for the video recording
here is the link to this video:

there are more really nice comments on this page....

update:  May 27, 2015........check out this information from Mango talking about the possibility of  Mick Taylor  joining the Stones on their current tour...........

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