May 8, 2013

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Lancer Conference plus

by Larry Hancock
As mentioned, I'm afraid I will be blogging only infrequently for a couple of months as we go through the edit process on the new covert warfare book - the publisher would like to have it out in January and that means a lot of work right now. I did want to mention that I will be going on internet radio with Jeff Bushman against this evening, for a full hour.  It will be live at 8 pm Central at
but its archived for anyone who wants to check in later.  I'll be on for a full hour this evening.  I also wanted to give everyone a bit of an update on the JFK Lancer Conference coming up in November.
The conference will be considerably larger this year, both in terms of length and number of participants -  you can find the details on the JFK Lancer web site - we began receiving requests to participate in the 2013 conference last November and have been working on reviewing proposals and scheduling since the end of last year.  The focus of this conference is on taking a new look at the evidence officially presented against Lee Oswald as the shooter and sole participant in the crime. We have a number of professionals lined up to address the forensics and ballistics evidence, presenting what has been learned including considerable information that was either filtered or simply not presented to the official investigations.  We will also have critiques of each of the official investigations based on what has been revealed by the past 50 years of research, in particular the new information surfaced beginning in the 1990's with a vast amount of oral history work and document releases.
In addition a number of speakers will be offering brand new research, literally never presented previously. If anyone thinks that nothing new exists on the case - well the conference should dispel that notion. We always try to maintain a real balance in the conference participants, covering the range of interests without too much redundancy and also offering the attendees the chance for personal dialogs with authors they have read or specialists the have read about - of course nobody will agree with all the information presented but its good to remember that nobody every learns much new by only talking to people with whom you already agree.
To elaborate on that point, one of the things going on at this years conference will be a number of focus group discussions on a wide variety of topics.  We have recruited researchers specializing in those subjects to moderate the focus groups and Debra Conway has obtained a separate conference room for that.  She has also organized cash breakfast and lunch buffets so that attendees will have to option of eating while listening to and participating in some of the structured discussions.  That is going to be important this year given the crowds expected in Dallas and the lines at restaurants, etc. Beyond that we will be running conference activities from around 8 am in the morning to 9 pm each evening.  If you are coming, rest up in advance as we will be keeping you quite busy.
A final point on Dallas this November, I know some folks are concerned about access to the Plaza. Debra has pursued that issue with the Mayors office for months, starting last year. Although its pretty clear that Dallas still has some work to do and decisions to make about the crowds at its official ceremony, we have been assured that once that is over, the Plaza will be open to the public on November 22.  And of course our normal walking tour of the Plaza area will be a couple of days later on Sunday, so attendees should have no concern about access to the Plaza during their time in Dallas.

-- Larry

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