May 3, 2013

Talking About Mick Taylor...Good Lord Bring Mick T. Back To The Band!

Talking About Mick Taylor...Good Lord Bring Mick T. Back To The Band!

Right, if you read comments talking about Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones they all say things like that....but that is my all time favorite, direct and to the sums it all up.

here are some more reviews, copied from

Reviews of Mick Taylor’s performance with the Rolling Stones at the London O2, November 2012
Last Sunday (25th November) saw Mick Taylor join the Rolling Stones on stage at the O2 Arena in London to play their late-60s favourite, “Midnight Rambler”. The show received rave reviews in the press this week. Here’s some that highlighted Mick’s contribution to the fantastic evening.
Billboard “Perhaps the unique highlight, …came when Mick Taylor, the guitarist who helped change the very fabric of the Stones in just five years with them from 1969, rejoined for an exciting, epic version of “Midnight Rambler.” The grins and pats on the back from Messrs Richards and Wood were heartfelt proof that it was pretty special for them too.”
The Independent ‘’…Mick Taylor summoning up the band’s golden era on a lengthy “Midnight Rambler”, his stinging lead lines locking well with Jagger’s blues harmonica and the tight interplay of Keith and Ronnie’s guitars. For seven minutes or so, the years fall away and it seems as if the group were still at the cutting edge of pop…’’
BBC News ‘’…Comedian Noel Fielding, who was in the audience, told the BBC, “Mick Taylor… What a genius.’’
Guardian “… guitarist Mick Taylor, whose guest spot on Midnight Rambler is really thrilling …”
Daily Telegraph “… guitarist Mick Taylor greeted like a returning God ..”
Rolling Stone Music ‘’…the biggest cheers came for Taylor, who hasn’t been a Stone since 1974 – he played trademark blues guitar solos on an extended version of “Midnight Rambler” and looked like he was enjoying every second of the reunion.’’
The Mirror ‘’During his time with the band, Taylor played on some of the Stones’ most popular albums including Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Exile On Main St. And there was no doubt the fans appreciated his special place in the history of the band – reserving for him a rapturous reception as he shuffled on stage and performed on Midnight Rambler. The 63-year-old conjured up a virtuoso performance that had the O2 Arena enthralled.’’
Financial Times “… Best of all was the arrival of Mick Taylor to play bluesy slide guitar on an elongated “Midnight Rambler”. The presence of the guitarist who played with the Stones in their ’69-’74 pomp seemed to trigger something in Jagger, who proceeded to attack “Brown Sugar” with wild gusto, before appearing in a black cloak for a lip-smacking version of “Sympathy for the Devil”
CBS News ‘’There was a stunning guest appearance by former Stone Mick Taylor, who stole the show during a searing performance of “Midnight Rambler…”

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