May 5, 2013

Your Own Portable Fashion Shool by Sten Martin

from the writing desk of  The Sewing Herald Tribune--a newspaper about sewing....all contributions are welcome.

Here is Sten Martin showing the very beautiful mobile app of his new online fashion school and tailoring class.  I would really love to take this course and I also think the price is a very good value. 

I love watching his you-tube videos about sewing--he is a natural at design and after I watch his shows sewing and patterns, in particular, make a lot more sense to me. 

Now I am going to make a jacket but I will use the pattern as just a guide and then I will try to fit my jacket according to his techniques I have seen on his videos.

My goal is to make a jacket like he wears in his vids that is stylish and flattering, yet comfortable and easy to wear and work at the same time.

Thank you Sten, for all of your very useful information......

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