May 1, 2013

Anne Rice on Coast to Coast

What a privilege...listening to Anne Rice on Coast to Coast last night.

George Noory really knocked it out of the ballpark...we were lucky enough to hear Interview With The Vampire author, Anne Rice talk about her new book and talk about her writing techniques.

She is sooooooo encouraging to anyone trying to develop their writing skills.  She kept saying "just write, every day; and don't let anyone tell you you cannot do it!"

She also said this is her dream-come-true.  She always wanted to be a writer, she has been writing and making stories since she was a child, and now it is so wonderful that she is actually living her dream.

She said that writing skills develop as one writes--the story is born.  Anne said that she can write about two books a year.  She said she really enjoys watching television these days--she thinks we are in a new golden age of television as far a writing is concerned.  She mentioned the series Game of Thrones and the Borgias.  Ms. Rice feels like television is really doing a good job of telling the historical aspect of the dramas.

Hopefully, her new book, The Wolves of Midwinter, can be made into a series for TV--she would be honored if that happened.

Like many authors today Anne Rice loves her Facebook page and enjoys interacting with her fans.  She often will just throw out a question and see what everyone has to say.

Please...everyone....go to the Coast to Coast website and listen to Anne.  I listen to Coast to Coast every night.  It is one of my best things in life.  It is always so pleasant.  All of the hosts are real good--as in un-angry and letting the guests talk.  The result is a good, as in informational, interview.  The hosts always create a friendly environment.  It is one one the few "talk shows" where the guests or callers actually get to talk....who knew this would work.......

Anyway, I know I am not doing Anne Rice is great...listen to her interview.

I listen to the past shows on the website but I have heard people say they also listen on you-tube.

I am a member...I just go to the website and then jump to past shows and listen on my windows player and play spider solitaire on the that is a good day isn't is really easy to do.

Sometimes I also listen on my phone when I am walking my dog...he is the slowest dog in the United States and sometimes one wants something to do.

On the website there will be all of the pertinent information about Anne Rice and her latest publications...

here is a link now.......

I copied this from the website.......

Anne Rice Interview

First hour guest, celebrated author Anne Rice talked about her life, books, and career. She described how her bestseller Interview with a Vampire evolved from a short story, and her fascination with vampires-- they are monsters who are also human; capable of having relate-able feelings yet supernatural beings who live outside of our laws. Her forthcoming book, The Wolves of Midwinter, is a continuation of her new series on man-wolves, featuring a character who kills villains while he's in the wolf state. She also offered advice to writers, suggesting they persevere, and have confidence and belief in their work.

here is the link to Anne's website:

this is Ronnie....isn't he funny?........he likes to wear his sun glasses when he listen to to old Rockers talk on Absolute Classic Rock.......of course, Ronnie Wood is his favorite.....I've seen a picture of Mick with those exact same sunglasses.

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