May 31, 2013

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Nordic Diet Could Be Local Alternative To Mediterranean Diet

A typical Swedish meal of fried herring and lingonberries includes some of the local ingredients of the healthy Nordic diet prescribed in a new study.
The Mediterranean diet has long been a darling of nutrition experts as a proven way to prevent some chronic diseases. Heavy on olive oil, vegetables, fruit, nuts and fish, the diet most recentlyhas been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and dying compared with a typical low-fat diet.
But in many regions, including Nordic countries like Denmark and Sweden, it's not easy to go Med. Olive oil, for one, is hard to find. And while obesity rates in the Nordic countries are much lower than in the U.S., there are still plenty of people at risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases who could use some dietary inspiration.
That's why a group of nutrition researchers in Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway set out to design a "healthy" Nordic diet around locally produced food items, like herring,rapeseed oil (also known as canola) and bilberries (a relative of the blueberry). To test whether it was actually healthy, they prescribed the diet to people with metabolic syndrome — a precursor to diabetes — and compared them to others on an "average" Nordic diet higher in red meat and white bread.
The study was randomized and lasted 18 to 24 weeks in 2009 and 2010, with 96 people in the healthy diet group and 70 in the control group. The healthy Nordic diet group ate mostly berries (currants, bilberries and strawberries), canola oil, whole grains, root vegetables and three fish meals (preferably fatty fish like salmon and mackerel) per week, and avoided sugar. The rest of the time, they could eat vegetarian, poultry or game, but no red meat. The researchers provided them with some of the key ingredients for their meals.
The control group, on the other hand, ate butter instead of canola, fewer berries and vegetables, and had no restrictions on red meat, white bread or sugar intake.
While the researchers didn't see changes in blood pressure or insulin sensitivity in the people on the healthy Nordic diet, their bad cholesterol/good cholesterol ratio improved significantly, as did one marker for inflammation, according to Lieselotte Cloetens, a biomedical nutrition researcher at Lund University in Sweden who co-authored the study. In the long run, Cloetens says, the change in the inflammation marker could result in a 20 to 40 percent reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetes for people on the healthy diet.
The results appear this week in a European journal, the Journal of Internal Medicine.
The research coincides with a similar, but distinct movement in the region — "New Nordic" cuisine. Claus Meyer, the owner of the acclaimed Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, boldly defined New Nordic with a manifesto. His aim? To inspire chefs and highlight the culinary wealth of the Nordic region — foods like fungi, beech leaves, birch juice, reindeer, and chick weed. New Nordic has become "a mentality of sort of scientific and creative exploration," Ben Reade, head of culinary research and development at the Nordic Food Lab, told NPR freelancer Sidsel Overgaard last year.
While Meyer has collaborated with researchers at the University of Copenhagen to explore whether a New Nordic diet could help overweight people drop pounds, his diet places a special emphasis on seasonal, local foods, and on foraging. "It is more defined, from a culinary point of view," than the healthy Nordic diet in the recent study, says Cloetens.
So will the Nordic diet be competing with the Mediterranean diet in far-flung countries seeking to emulate svelte Europeans? Cloetens is confident in its healthfulness, but warns, "since it contains many local produced food items, it might not be easy to consume by people outside the Nordic countries."
And, she says, next she and her colleagues need to investigate whether the healthy Nordic diet can also help people lose weight and keep it off

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May 28, 2013

Stones Finally Let Mick Taylor Loose On Sway and CYHMK; Seriously, It's About Time

English: Mick Taylor during the Rolling Stones...
English: Mick Taylor during the Rolling Stones '72 tour of North America in June, at Winterland in San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Seriously, it's about time................

Rolling Stones Finally Let Mick Taylor Loose On Sticky Fingers Classics At Staples Center In Los Angeles

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Last night was the evening Rolling Stones fans have been waiting for since it was announced that former guitarist Mick Taylor would be joining the band as a guest on their 50 and Counting Tour. Up until yesterday’s show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the use of Taylor has been sparse with “The Other Mick” only turning up to perform on Midnight Rambler each night and on (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction at a handful of shows. At The Staples Center Taylor performed on a total of four songs, two of which were long-awaited tour debuts.
Instead of welcoming the calvalcade of special guests like Gwen Stefani, John Mayer and Dave Grohl like they had at previous 50 and Counting Tour, The Stones made good use of the guest that’s been there all along – Mick Taylor. Taylor first emerged seven songs into the show for a tour debut version of Sticky Fingers track Sway, which was played by request. Mick came back three tunes later for what was once his signature song – Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’. Both Sticky Fingers tracks were tour debuts and were the first versions Taylor played on since he parted ways with The Rolling Stones in 1974. The guitarist returned later in the show for both Midnight Rambler and (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.
The Rolling Stones also dusted off the 1978 single Far Away Eyes off Some Girls for its tour debut. To start the encore, the USC Thornton Chamber Singers emerged for You Can’t Always Get What You Want before Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Satisfaction brought the show to a close.
Watch Mick Taylor perform Sway and Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ with The Rolling Stones for the first time in nearly 40 years…
Rolling Stones – Sway
Rolling Stones – Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’

May 25, 2013

Jagger and Taylor Sway LA: Two Beautiful Micks

Sway LA:  Two Beautiful Micks--Is Jagger Finally Unshackled From Insult Ridden Keith Richards with the re addition of Taylor to the Stones.

Mick Jagger and Mick Taylor--happy and re-energized.....

It seems that way--new music--old music rediscovered--new-old talent and a breath of fresh air added to the ever popular Rolling Stones

Well everyone I know, all the stones fans I know--have been desperately waiting for this Stones moment--to hear Mick Taylor play Can't you Hear Me Knocking, Sway, Midnight Rambler with the Rolling Stones.

Its puts Keith and Ronnie in a different class--Jagger is respectable--Keith is not the only extremely talented guitar player in the group.

The re-addition of Mick Taylor slightly usurps Keith's hold on Mick.  As if Keith Richards can dish out any insult at any time always justifying it with a threadbare excuse.  Richards acts as if he is so talented--the only engine driving the train--he has license to do or say whatever he pleases.

Enter Mick Taylor........

from Kleermaker 1000.........

First time we can hear 'Knocking' played live by The Stones with Taylor. 
Incredible! Finally they've opened the door for Taylor after all his knocking!
Best video and audio available thus far combined
* credits to Dan for the audio recording (remaster done by Strettonbull)
* credits to prestoff2000 for the video recording
here is the link to this video:

there are more really nice comments on this page....

update:  May 27, 2015........check out this information from Mango talking about the possibility of  Mick Taylor  joining the Stones on their current tour...........

May 24, 2013

The Rolling Stones Finally Come to Their Senses and Play the Music of Mick Taylor with Mick Taylor

The Rolling Stones with Mick Taylor--Sway--Los Angeles

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here is the link to Kleermaker1000 on you-tube for more Rolling Stones with Mick Taylor:

Here we go for all of the Mick Taylor fans out there......The Rolling Stones finally came to their senses and started playing the music of Mick Taylor....and brought him back to the group. Good job Mick and Mick.

I copied this from my favorite you tube Rolling Stones Chanel Kleermaker1000...

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  • Finally. Mick Taylor has been shredding this song for decades, his song. Glad he got his few seconds in the sun. Wish they had let him play for another 10 mins or so on the second solo. Check out some of the other videos of MT playing this song. Simply beautiful.
  • ramsareit 
    Wow, only waited since 1980 for this.....a mere 33 years...and here it is...! Thanks so much, I appreciate your efforts...Jagger is 70 in two months....unbelievable

May 22, 2013

Salma Rauf Shows Us How To Make a Beautiful and Easy Kaftan

from the writing desk of the sewing herald tribune......we love contributions!

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This kaftan video is irresistible and easy.....the vid is very good because the instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  I do not think it has to be exact measurements.......Salma does a very good job of explaining the concept of the kaftan and it is fun to watch.....good job, Salma.

here is a link to the video on you-tube:

I will ask her where she finds this fabric.......

The kaftan is so stylish for dressing up with heels.

Thank you, Salma for you sewing tips.

May 16, 2013

Mick Taylor and The Rolling Stones...waiting for CYHMK

Mick Taylor helps Rolling Stones recapture glory days

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Rolling Stones with Mick Taylor
The Rolling Stones at London's Marquee Club in London, 1971. From left: Mick Jagger, Mick Taylor, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts. (J. Maum / Associated Press)
If you liked the way the Rolling Stones sounded back in the late 1960s and early '70s -- darker and bluesier than more recent conjurings -- you have a chance to hear that signature growl once again.
The Stones' 50 & Counting tour, which returns to Southern California for three shows starting Wednesday at the Honda Center in Anaheim, pays tribute to those years with no-nonsense renditions of songs such as “Midnight Rambler,” “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Gimme Shelter.”
It starts with the gear. Guitarist Ron Wood is usually seen with a Fender Stratocaster, but for the concert at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night, he frequently turned to a Gibson Les Paul, with its heavier rock rumble.
Keith Richards still favors his Telecasters, but for key moments -- including his shrieking leads on “Sympathy” -- he switched to a battered Les Paul Jr.   
But nothing brings back that classic hard-rock Stones sound like the man who sits in with the band for a song or two: Mick Taylor.
Taylor played lead guitar on what many consider the Stones’ three greatest albums -- “Let it Bleed,” “Exile on Main St.” and “Sticky Fingers” -- before quitting over his perceived lack of songwriting credit.
A virtuoso guitarist, Taylor has the chops to take a song far beyond what’s written down in the lead sheets. It’s hard to imagine “Wild Horses” being quite so poignant without Taylor’s haunting solo. On the Stones' 1970-released live album, “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!,” Taylor's bluesman’s skill at improvisation is on full display, enabling the band to transform “Midnight Rambler” and “Sympathy for the Devil” into tunes quite different than the studio recordings.
Taylor hasn’t stayed lean like his former bandmates, but when he plugged in for "Midnight Rambler" in Las Vegas, it was clear that he still had his touch. You watch him play because you don’t know where he’s going next, but you know it’s going to sound great.
Give credit to Richards, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Wood for bringing Taylor back for this tour.  The Stones don’t really need him; they’re a monster touring act that can sell out arenas on their own.
But this particular rock corporation started off as a humble blues band. When Taylor takes the stage, however briefly, we can truly see back 50 years to the band’s roots.
Rolling Stones invade Echo Park

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kdsalter at 11:52 AM May 15, 2013
I wouldn't be seeing them four times on this tour if it weren't for Mick Taylor.  His return has generated a great deal of excitement among the diehard fans.  However we are frustrated that he isn't being permitted to play on more songs.
Sam Sitrin at 7:08 PM May 14, 2013
Mick Taylor is the best guitarist the Stones ever had. They need to incorporate him in the concerts and not just a guest spot. The music would be so much better and they could actually justify the expensive tickets by providing Mick Taylor's brillance to the mediocre and predicitable playing by Ron Wood and Keith Richards. They could go out on fire wit him and be "the geatest rock and roll band" if they would wise up and use him.