Apr 14, 2013

The Real Joan Rivers with Howard Stern--Joan is My Johnny Now

I love this interview with Joan.  I never was a giant Howard Stern fan but now I am reconsidering everything because who knew he had  a Maine Coon!!!

Joan is my Johnny, now.

Right, I was so in love with Johnny Carson for sooooooo many years; you know how it is when you're a lonely little kid......I really felt like some of these television people were part of my family....or something like that.

Always one to stay up late, when Johnny showed his yearly best of....I'd already seen them all.

This is so stupid....first I wanted to write a letter to Johnny to see if he could be, whatever, something like my dad....then later I wanted to marry Johnny.......then after that he married someone younger than me.

Oh, well, Joan is my Johnny now--in the first place to say she had aged well is an understatement--she is my idol on that, alone.

She is more beautiful now than when she used to fill in for Johnny.....and she is quite a bit older.  Everyone knows she has had plastic, but the shape of her face.......we have to give her credit for timing--knowing what to do when and staying power, not to mention her brillance as a comedy writer.

I saw her in one show where she explains how hard she works on her jokes and how carefully she files them for easy access, as needed.

Good job, Joan--that's all I can say but it is not enough.......

here's the link to the real good interview with Joan and Howard--her comments about Johnny--unbelievable.....


the individual at the top of the page:  that is a picture of my chlo-louise (aka connie sachs)...I think she is about 20.....she is a Maine Coon.....she is also a cat....Howard, do you have a picture of your Maine, Coon, too?

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