Bill O'Reilly exploded at conservative radio host Laura Ingraham Tuesday over her criticism of his argument that gay marriage advocates have a "more compelling" case than gay marriage opponents. O'Reilly claimed last week that opponents simply "thump the Bible" and the biblical argument wasn't strong enough against reasonable logic that gay Americans just want to be treated like everyone else.
The argument began when Ingraham told the Fox News host that she felt there was a feud between O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh over the issue. She added that she didn't believe O'Reilly needed to make his comment about "Bible thump."
"There's no feud between me and Limbaugh," he responded. "I don't talk to Limbaugh."
He noted to Ingraham that he would allow her to make her case if she kept it "accurate."
Ingraham again underscored her point that O'Reilly did not need to use the phrase "thump the Bible." She explained that she felt that the left "loves to see conservatives fighting" and that O'Reilly had been "disrespectful" to "people who really try to live their lives according to the Bible." An exasperated O'Reilly noted that his argument was from a policy perspective and he didn't believe citing the Bible was permissible in a policy argument.
O'Reilly gave Ingraham time to explain herself but after hearing her out told her, "I'm disappointed in you."

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Bill O’Reilly Blows Up At Laura Ingraham Over Commentary Transcript (VIDEO)

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(KTVI) – In this clip from FOX News commentator Bill O’Reilly responds to criticism from his opponents. He said last week that gay marriage opponents need to do more than just “thump the bible” to win an argument. O’Reilly broadcasted a commentary saying that the media is trying to start a fight between himself and Rush Limbaugh.
A heated debate with FOX News commentator Laura Ingraham over the issue has gone viral. In the exchange O’Reilly said this about Limbaugh, “I don’t care what he says, he can say whatever he wants.” He also said that he is disappointed in Ingram.
An exert from Bill O’Reilly’s April 3rd Talking Points Memo titled, “Bill O’Reilly: The left-wing media, Rush Limbaugh and me” :
“The two people the liberal media fear most are radio guy Rush Limbaugh and me, your humble correspondent. That’s because we both have powerful daily forums where we can explain what we believe is harmful to the country.
Recently on the net a number of left-wing media folks have tried to drum up a phony feud, citing divisions within the so-called conservative community. Like they point to me and Limbaugh as the primary example. The reportage is simply dishonest. The loons are taking my commentary out of context as they always do.
I mean both Mr. Limbaugh and I literally say millions of words on the year each year. It’s simple to distort them. Especially for readers who have no blanking clue, who never watch or listen to us.
The liberal media overarch on me is that I change my beliefs based upon public whim. A foolish lie easily disproved. In fact, in fact, in a positive quirk of fate, I have a new book called “Keep it Pithy” coming out in a couple of weeks. That book contains my major commentaries over a 17- year period. And, believe me, believe me, I’m going to use that book to hammer these liars all day long.”
See the full transcript here:

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remember when Bill and Sean and Glen all got so mad a t Rush...I guess Bill's forgetting that right now.......


Highlights of the story:

Rush Limbaugh's secret phone call to Bill Clinton.

rush limbaugh gets his ya ya's out then washes Whoopi Goldberg's feet in hopes of redemption.

Yes, rush, you were very naughty and now it is time for your discipline!

My liberal limbawdian fantasy by Chloe Louise Langendorf Louis.......

rush, you portrayed your activities of "watching" as normal while you debased the activities of young women as vulgar and street worthy. 

In my dream your punishment will be allocated by Whoopi Goldberg--she said in her television special she's willing to talk about it--she is willing to have a conversation about race and I am including women--she doesn't mind if there is a disagreement.  She is willing to answer questions.

The limbaughing of limbaugh...............

Now--we'll begin by sitting down and having a talk.

In retribution you will get down on your knees and wash Whoopi Goldberg's feet and listen politely as she takes her valuable time to explain to you where you have gone wrong with women, racial slurs, the tea party, with President Obama--and with your life in general.  You'll act interested.

You will be a guest on THE VIEW  and tell the women of America what you learned and how lucky you were to have the opportunity to have a chat with Whoopi.  It turned into a really enlightening experience.  Barbara Walters will interview you with heartfelt questions and you will cry to show you're sorry and your sincerity.

You'll do "Oprah's Next Chapter" and discuss your new hobby of flower arranging and your new life, in general.  A serious discussion will continue on how getting in touch with your feminine side has had positive effects on all of your relationships.
You will say that health care is a right of every human being in each appearance--not something to be bought and sold and bantered about as an election talking point.  

CNN will pick you up for a new show about multi-cultural women in the United States and around the world.

You will feature Cooking With Alia to showcase strong young women around the world.  You like it as a business model and you have always wondered about the proper use of Moroccan spices.

You have Glen Beck and Bill O'Reilly on your new show try to chat with them about the possibility of changing their ways--have they ever just thought about being a Democrat?

You will be heralded for developing a 12 step program for R.O.W.G.'s to promote the betterment of all people and relationships in the United States and around the world.

Your crowning glory will be to write a column for drudge to promote equal rights for women.

You disclose to Oprah in a soft voice that the giant hole in your heart has closed and you are finally able to give up food and pills as a crutch.  You  also reveal you are actually enjoying your new humility--you never thought you would be able to say that.  Driven by fear and insecurity about your own masculinity you were hiding behind the arrogance and the pretense was becoming a burden.  You will also confide to Oprah on national television that you have secretly always been jealous of Bill Clinton and you went home with a stomach-ache after that time you made fun of Hillary's hair.

Sean Hannity finally challenges you to a face-off in disgust.  You reveal to Sean, you had been looking to Bill Clinton for diet and health advice for a long time.  As you and Bill eventually became friends, it was hard at first, you realized that he was a great world leader and you asked him if you could make a large financial contribution to is humanitarian causes.  Bill agrees to keep your new life private but urges you to publicly add your name to his cause--you finally give in and your name is glorified with other world leaders.  Sean remains angry and mystified and continues to suffer from the disease of chronic and incurable self-righteousness.

Rush finally concedes to Leslie Stahl in CBS Sunday Morning exclusive, "I looked in the mirror one day and said, I'm large! and not just in radioland; frankly, Leslie, I was feeling jowly."  "I heard Bill C. say he only eats things that are grown--no faces--my face was giant, and I did not want someone to eat me!"

Rush Limbaugh and Nancy Pelosi will ride together as Grand Marshall's in the Rose Parade in a final celebratory jubilee.  You were honored because of the success of your anti-bullying campaign in America.

And Rush Limbaugh and Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg all lived happily ever after and Rush ended up being a frequent guest on The View.

......3 months later--bill, glen and drudge couldn't help but notice Rush's new found popularity with women (and higher ratings) and finally joined the 12 step program as followers and the world became a better place*