Apr 18, 2013

I'm Trying To Help President Obama: I'd Rather Have Cameras Than Guns

I'm Trying To Help President Obama:  I'd Rather Have Cameras Than Guns

Have you ever noticed the really cool thing about President Obama?

He has the ability to talk directly to the people...I always feel like he is talking right to me.  I feel like he actually cares about all of the people; people like me.

I want to try and help President Obama and all of the citizens of the United States.

The cool thing about the United States is that we can say what we think...I just love that.

Recently, on a wonderful vacation in London I noticed I did not hear about one thing involving guns.  I heard about fighting at bars and I heard more than once about drink driving but not once did I ever hear about any shootings.

I listened to the news often while I was in my hotel room.  I listened to news from channels around the world.

Here in San Diego I have the radio on in the morning.  Almost every morning when I wake up I hear about a shooting; often they are right near the area where I live in South Park.

The shootings often involve young people and sometimes even teenagers.

Some people here say they do not want cameras.  In London there are plenty of cameras but not shootings.  It is said an individual can be followed on camera throughout the entire city of London.

London is a beautiful, giant, modern, world leading and at the same time historical city.  It is just about my favorite vaction place.

If they do not have guns why do we have to have guns?  It obviously isn't necessary to have a great city.

Let's rethink this and move forward............President Obama was very inspirational in his speech today about Congress not passing an amendment for further background checks on guns.  I like the London model....few children are injured there in gun violence......can we just work in that direction here in the US?


click on these pictures and there are cams all over the place....

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