Feb 23, 2013

Bill O'Reilly--Crusin' for a Brusin'

taking bets.....who will lay out bill o. first, James or Mary?  Mary does not suffer fools easily........need I say more?

I think James is trying to hold back and not embarrass bill right off the bat, maybe he will cut him a little slack until he can't stand it any longer........

But what about Mary Matalin...I have never seen her take it from anyone.   She knows  her  facts and she knows  the point she  is trying to make expertly.......it's just a matter if time.....

I'm saying it's  just a waiting game before she has  to straighten out the facts according to Bill O'Reilly.

On the other hand James Carville just can't get on the air of his new  channel, Fox News, and lay Bill O'Reilly out the first  day.....how long can  James suffer morality according to bill O?

What do you think?

Right now my money is on Mary but I do think we  have to wait  just a little while  to see what happens before the fighting begins.

I just can't see Mary Matalin putting up with the condescending Bill O. regardless of his political party.

here is a little hint from mediaite:

O’Reilly And Carville Clash Over Whether Clinton Cared More About Economy, Debt Than Obama Does

VIDEO» 90 comments

Bill O’Reilly continued his theme of what the biggest problem facing the country today is withJames Carville. Carville cited a general economic trend downward since the 1970s and unemployment. After a brief clash, O’Reilly brought up Carville’s former boss, Bill Clinton, and challenged him on the difference in economic outlook between Clinton and President Obama. Carville disputed that, saying their only major difference is on style.
Carville said that the economy is slowly but steadily improving, which led to him and O’Reilly briefly clashing over exactly how much better the economy is getting and exactly where health care cuts are coming from.
O’Reilly then turned to the Clinton issue, saying that the former Democratic president had a “very responsible fiscal policy” and didn’t try to “micromanage” the private sector. He accused Obama of being the biggest spending president in history and claimed at least Clinton cared more about the national debt. Carville argued that a key difference between the two presidencies is that the economy was starting to grow when Clinton got into office, but not with Obama.
But Carville maintained that by and large Clinton and Obama have similar economic beliefs. He said both favor raising taxes on the wealthy, both worked on getting health care reform done, and both signed free trade agreements. If anything, Carville said, the only difference between them is on style. O’Reilly insisted they have a fundamentally different economic philosophy. Carville pushed back, saying that Obama most likely just believes in “aggressive government during a downturn.”
Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:


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