Feb 21, 2013

Carville vs O'Reilly--Can This Marriage Last?

 Carville vs O'Reilly--Can This Marriage Last?

What do you think of the marriage of James Carville and Bill O'Reilly??????

 How long can this marriage last--I think the seeds of turmoil have already been planted.  We had just a little hint of what may  happen last evening when James and Bill butted heads over medicare.

James is only going to put up with the facts according to O'Reilly for so long before the verbal boxing match begins.

He will be thrown out fast once his  facts are correct and Bill is wrong and James refuses to back down.  I think we may be in for a really good show.  What do you think.......

why did James Carville jump over to Fox.....let the games begin.....

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