Jan 2, 2013

Hannity Ratings Plummet After 'Taking Back America" Statement

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Sean Hannity Ratings Plummet, Loses Half His Viewers After Election

Sean Hannity’s ratings have plummeted after the 2012 election, as the conservative television host saw his audience dwindle after GOP challenger Mitt Romney failed to unseat President Obama.
Hannity saw his audience fall by about 50 percent after the election ended. Though it was not entirely unexpected that Hannity’s ratings would drop after the biggest political event in the last four years, his decline was sharper than other conservative pundits, Salon noted. Bill O’Reilly saw his viewership drop by only about one-third.
Among the important demographic of viewers aged 25-54, Sean Hannity’s ratings were even worse. More than half of what is known as the “money demo” stopped watching.
Many believe that Sean Hannity’s ratings suffered as a result of his failed rhetoric. Throughout the election he hyped up Mitt Romney’s chances to win the election, seizing on the Republican’s strong performance in the first presidential debate to all but call the election.
From the New York Daily News:
So what happened to Hannity?
The going wisdom is that viewers who basked in his preelection anti-Obama rhetoric tuned him out when they were stunned to wake up on Nov. 7 and discover that the President had won a second term — a scenario that Hannity had all but promised could never happen.
Before the election, Hannity was riding high in the ratings and topped thought leaders on the right, like Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Peggy Noonan and talk radio bulldog Mark Levin, who predicted Obama would lose in a landslide.
As his ratings dropped, Sean Hannity also saw himself the center of attack from the right. Outspoken actor Ed Asner in early December claimed that Hannity was “behind on his rabies medicine.”

and from cl.........I like to listen to all kinds of news and radio...it's just what I have always done.  Really, that statement of "taking back America," what does that mean?  It is really a horrible statement if you think about it.  The United States is a beautiful coat of many colors and we have always been founded and operated on that concept. During the Hilary Rosen outburst many called in and tried to tell Sean what point they felt Hilary was trying to make.  The people were actually very nice but Sean wasn't having it.  At one point after the 3rd caller said Hilary was not trying to down play Ann Romney but simply stating she was not going out to an actual facility to work, Sean said, "Well, this is what I am paid to think and I am sticking with it."  I am going on memory with these words.  Sean is out of style and losing popularity.  I feel it is because he is so unreasonable.

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