Dec 6, 2012

I Just Want To Get On The Plane And Go.....

 Writing to travel guru Peter Greenberg...............

I saw your report today about Air Tahiti Nui.  I used to go from LA to Paris with my kids for a month vacation.  It was offered from France Vacations which has used Air Tahiti Nui and I believe the company has changed somewhat since then. 

Actually I think they used a different airlines then; it may have been a subsidiary of Air France because the good food and Bordeaux wine was supplied by Air France.  The airfare, in summer, because I was bound by he school vacations, was less than 600 dollars each including 5 days in Paris at a three star hotel with breakfast included; basically chocolat chaux and du pain au chcolat which I think my children have embedded in their minds forever.  I divided the package.

It sounds expensive doesn't it?  Actually, it was not because part of the time we stayed at a gite, which is a farmhouse subsidized by the French government for tourism and to help the rural farmers.  It was a grand experience.  Yes, there were drawbacks, for instance, being out in the country without transportation.  What a learning experience and what wonderful memories with my children. 

All of the people at work would ask me how did I do it and I would tell all of my tricks--I am not sure anyone ever believed me but many people wanted to try it.  I also did a lot of research which was fun, too.  I spent a lot of time at the library.

Even though time has passed it was still a very inexpensive price even back then--I also took the time to drive to Los Angeles from San Diego, many folks do not want to do that, to get the cheap fare and good package deal and I also did not want to change planes with little kids at a busy airport. 

When my kids were around 17 we got a real good price a few times after Christmas--LA to London.  One time I went for about 150.00 each way.  I remember distinctly because BA dropped their price to 100.00 right after that.  It came to about 750.00 round trip for the two of us. 

Another time time I took my daughter to see Phantom of the Opera in London in Feb for her birthday.  It was snowing and the trip turned into a winter wonderland.  I love your idea and as you can see I love going on a vacay.  I can still find some good prices but not quite as good comparatively.

Really, the kids talked forever about walking in the snow to see "Mousetrap."  We just happened to see that, too, and for a very good price.

What are your tips for a trip to London after Christmas.  I will be interviewing the Savile Row Tailor and Shirtmaker Sean O' Flynn and I am really excited about that, but, as usual, I am always on a budget.

As you said on your show today Air Tahiti goes from Tahiti to LA to Paris regularly.  One time I also got a got price on Air New Zealand, as well.  Calling in, as you said, the very nice lady told me plenty of airlines go back and forth every day from Australia, New Zealand, etc., to London with a stop in Los Angeles.  At some point there are plenty of seats that have to be filled in.  Yes, I love your tips and I also love taking the train from San Diego to Union Station and the fast and inexpensive bus to the airport.  I am one of those people that loves the journey as much as the destiny.

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