Oct 19, 2012

Neighborhood Halloween Decorations In South Park, San Diego

Beautiful South Park Lady

Gorgeous house.... gorgeous decorations...Halloween decorations that is....

Well, it is her hobby, she went on to tell me...ever since her husband bought her this beautiful South Park, San Diego home 11 years ago.  "I need a house  with a white picket fence and a house I can decorate," she told him and the Thomas Bike Shop property in South Park San Diego was purchased.  Growing up without decorations and holidays was more than she could stand--"Now I decorate for every occasion. you should see my Victorian Christmas," this good citizen proudly stated.

Of course, I had to continue to ask her "why?"   It is just who I am now.  I can't stop---I love it.  That is Jinna--the owner of this artfully decorated vintage home and adjacent to the Thomas Bike Shop--of which she is also the owner and promised never to sell "I can't, it's part of the neighborhood!"

Well, her enthusiasm is obvious and we are lucky to have her here in this very eclectic, interesting and diversified neighborhood.  We both agreed we were lucky to live in the South Park area of San Diego.

I hope everyone can come over here and see this very cheery Halloween inspiration.  Our area is just great, the people, the food stores, the coffee shops.  Really you can't go wrong.  This is a perfect place to live, just to walk your dog and enjoy your home.

Walking your baby dog here is like going on a San Diego Vintage home tour.  This particular home is 103 years old.  The Thomas Bicycle Shop is 76 years old.  It is located at..............

The Thomas Bike Shop
1635 Fern ST.
San Diego, Calif  92102

I think it is easiest to take the 30th or 28th Street exit off of the 94 freeway.  Fern is just next to 30th and the "tree" streets go in alphabetical order.  I don't think you will regret your visit to this vintage and beautiful area of town--Be sure and visit my hangout---The Grape Street Dog Park.  The Thomas Bike Shop and this decorated house next door is located between Cedar and Date on Fern.

Be sure to see the 125 pound pumpkin.