Oct 18, 2012

Sean O'Flynn--Savile Row Bespoke Tailor and Shirtmaker

London Calling

Sean O'Flynn--Savile Row Bespoke Tailor and Shirtmaker

 My Sewing Obsession

What is a tailor--someone who knows how to make the customer look good--the original stylist. The tailor can suggest the right fabric, the right style of the garment for that particular customer, and even the right cut to further enhance the individuals body shape and frame. That is a lot of expertise rolled into one.

My dream is coming true--to actually talk to a Savile Row tailor--I want to ask him everything. I want to try and understand his process. I want it to go into my brain...the proper way to construct a garment.

 Sean O'Flynn has said he will show me around his work room when I go to London this winter and I am so excited I just can't wait.

What an honor---really, there is not a higher level of custom tailoring. --


KOGO 600's chip franklin's Seat Belt Rant Proves Again I Q is Not a Prerequisite for Shock Jock.

Hey--Is that guy chip franklin weird or what?
KOGO 600 of San Diego proved this morning at 7:30 that intellectual discrimination is not a prerequisite for being a shock-jock. The man is a bit of an odd beast, isn't he?

 He went on again, endlessly--he likes seat belts and he is in favor of them but he does not want a government ruling about it. Wow, chip--even when the firefighter came on and tried to tell you the facts--you laughed in his face.

 I do believe it is a conclusion now that seat belts save lives. Really, chip are you that challenged or are we and you're just making a show?

You go on forever about talking on the phone while you drive, not wearing a seat belt while driving to the gym. Do children hear you--do teens hear you--could they follow your suggestion?

Isn't is a given now that unrestrained passengers fly in the car when there is an accident. Isn't that why we have child safety laws about children and car seats and seat belts in general.

 The laws are good--why? Because there are plenty of kids, people, older people who do not think, or are in a rush, or are busy. Clicking the seat belt should not be a decision every time we get into the car--it should be automatic. It saves lives. 

There are plenty of unrestrained driver's ejected from the car in an accident. People are less injured now in car crashes due to technology and laws and better seat belts. chip said he will sign papers so the emergency worker , given he was in a crash, would not have to be responsible for taking him to a hospital--to cost taxpayers, or insurance or hospitals money because he refused to wear his seatbelt. Really, chip, because I don't think the EMTs usually start digging through paperwork before they start saving someone's life.

Who is the grand pooh-pah at KOGO that lets this egomaniac rant? Is that you, Cliff? Wow, a rant at the expense of the citizen's safety. Not even those girls on the show could stops those words out of the bald headed mouth!

 KOGO 600's chip franklin's Seat Belt Rant Proves Again I Q is Not a Prerequisite for Shock Jock.

Rush Limbaugh and His 12 Step Program For ROWGS


Sean Hannity: I'm Just So Angry With Rush Right Now!

Highlights of the story:

Rush Limbaugh's secret phone call to Bill Clinton.

rush limbaugh gets his ya ya's out then washes Whoopi Goldberg's feet in hopes of redemption.

Yes, rush, you were very naughty and now it is time for your discipline!

My liberal limbawdian fantasy by Chloe Louise Langendorf Louis.......

rush, you portrayed your activities of "watching" as normal while you debased the activities of young women as vulgar and street worthy. In my dream your punishment will be allocated by Whoopi Goldberg--she said in her television special she's willing to talk about it--she is willing to have a conversation about race and I am including women--she doesn't mind if there is a disagreement. She is willing to answer questions.

The limbaughing of limbaugh...............

 Now--we'll begin by sitting down and having a talk. In retribution you will get down on your knees and wash Whoopi Goldberg's feet and listen politely as she takes her valuable time to explain to you where you have gone wrong with women, racial slurs, the tea party, with President Obama--and with your life in general.

You'll act interested. You will be a guest on THE VIEW and tell the women of America what you learned and how lucky you were to have the opportunity to have a chat with Whoopi. It turned into a really enlightening experience. Barbara Walters will interview you with heartfelt questions and you will cry to show you're sorry and your sincerity.

You'll do "Oprah's Next Chapter" and discuss your new hobby of flower arranging and your new life, in general. A serious discussion will continue on how getting in touch with your feminine side has had positive effects on all of your relationships. You will say that health care is a right of every human being in each appearance--not something to be bought and sold and bantered about as an election talking point.

CNN will pick you up for a new show about multi-cultural women in the United States and around the world. You will feature Cooking With Alia to showcase strong young women around the world. You like it as a business model and you have always wondered about the proper use of Moroccan spices. You have Glen Beck and Bill O'Reilly on your new show and try to chat with them about the possibility of changing their ways--have they ever just thought about being a Democrat?

You will be heralded for developing a 12 step program for R.O.W.G.'s to promote the betterment of all people and relationships in the United States and around the world. Your crowning glory will be to write a column for drudge to promote equal rights for women.

You disclose to Oprah in a soft voice that the giant hole in your heart has closed and you are finally able to give up food and pills as a crutch. You also reveal you are actually enjoying your new humility--you never thought you would be able to say that. Driven by fear and insecurity about your own masculinity you were hiding behind the arrogance and the pretense was becoming a burden. You will also confide to Oprah on national television that you have secretly always been jealous of Bill Clinton and you went home with a stomach-ache after that time you made fun of Hillary's hair.

Sean Hannity finally challenges you to a face-off in disgust. You reveal to Sean, you had been looking to Bill Clinton for diet and health advice for a long time. As you and Bill eventually became friends, it was hard at first, you realized that he was a great world leader and you asked him if you could make a large financial contribution to is humanitarian causes.

Bill agrees to keep your new life private but urges you to publicly add your name to his cause--you finally give in and your name is glorified with other world leaders.

Sean remains angry and mystified and continues to suffer from the disease of chronic and incurable self-righteousness.

 Rush finally concedes to Leslie Stahl in CBS Sunday Morning exclusive, "I looked in the mirror one day and said, I'm large! and not just in radioland; frankly, Leslie, I was feeling jowly." "I heard Bill C. say he only eats things that are grown--no faces--my face was giant, and I did not want someone to eat me!"

Rush Limbaugh and Nancy Pelosi will ride together as Grand Marshall's in the Rose Parade in a final celebratory jubilee. You were honored because of the success of your anti-bullying campaign in America. And Rush Limbaugh and Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg all lived happily ever after and Rush ended up being a frequent guest on The View.

 ......3 months later--bill, glen and drudge couldn't help but notice Rush's new found popularity with women (and higher ratings) and finally joined the 12 step program as followers and the world became a better place*

......rush asked Leslie Stahl after the interview lights went off---did she know of any classes about making jewelry, earrings specifically,  he loves color and wants a couple of pairs of earrings like hers--one for himself and one for his wife, too.