Oct 5, 2012


THE TROUBLE WITH MITT ROMNEY..........numbers.......unfortunately Mitt has quite a few wrong.  Here's the one I see the biggest problem with...healthcare.  Mitt stated in the debate.   America has the number one healthcare in the world and always has been...Why would I want to change something like that?   Really Mitt?  Is that true, because right now many people can't obtain healthcare and I do see a opportunity with President Obama.  There is a significant number of our population who may obtain  healthcare now with  President Obama who would not before --like kids who may stay on their parent's policy until they are 26...............Mitt Romney and the dancing horse....it's the same premise...we need to go towards the real world.  It is notable with many repubs...they think the United States is the only world.....we are the best at everything, bar none......It simply is not true...right now, healthcare is a great talking point.....they never want to admit it.  There are other countries in the world who are as proficient as us, if not better...again, healthcare is a leading election philosophy.  They repubs are deaf, they cannot hear, they use ear plugs.  Shouldn't healthcare be available to everyone...I am talking about routine visits and checkups, not just visiting an emergency room, as needed, as suggested by Mitt.  Really, would he want that for his family?   Note the other leading nations...seriously...they support healthcare available for everyone.  It is winning--it is good for everyone.  It is not a losing situation!  What is my point?  Do I hate Mitt Romney?  No!  Is he from another planet for the rich and famous?  Possibly.  I just think President Obama is a better decision--way more realistic--way more in tune with the general population.

check this link for information regarding healthcare and rating in the United States: