Aug 10, 2012


I take my Ronnie out everyday for a walk.  The Grape Street Dog Park is just about the best place.  I like La Mesa, where I live, but it is often too hot for Ronnie--he has a hard time keeping  cool in the heat.  There is always a nice breeze at the grape street.  I usually find a place to park in the shade.  This eucalyptus walk starts my day off just right.

grape street dog park 043 The park is all grass.  The people are friendly.     It is well maintained and watered.     

Original art. grape street dog park 005

grape street dog park 006  

Some people are dog walkers and they come every day.  Here is a picture of charlie and Body and Grovergrape street dog park 014  Interesting and well dressed people visit daily.                                                 grape street dog park 031D. Jones, a bartender at

 RockBottom--working on the "lederhosen" look for a new German beer they are trying out for Oktoberfest.                                                                                       

It is located at Grape and 28th Street in the south Park/Golden Hills area of San Diego.  There is plenty of parking--right by the dog area--not unnecessary walking on a leash.   Good restrooms and plenty of drinking water for people and dogs.    

chloelouise and ronnie   MY BEST DOG PARK...GRAPE STREET IN SAN DIEGO