Jul 31, 2012

La Torta Cafe Owner and San Diego Celebrity Chef Miguel A. Rojas

My interview with La Torta Cafe Owner and San Diego Celebrity Chef, Miguel A. Rojas

Well, I go home after work and watch the food channel, so yes, I like food, cooking and restaurants.

Tonight, I m going home to take a shower and Im going back to work--as evidenced by his La Torta Cafe shirt--Miguel Rojas was happy to chat about his well known San Diego eatery as I nabbed him for further information.

You don't have to live in San Diego very long to hear about the famous La Torta Cafe.  I have been listening to raves about their food for years.

I could see it from my house in  La Mesa and the cafe was all anyone talked about--going to La Torta, enjoying a sandwich and a beer and sitting at the beautiful outside table on historic La Mesa Blvd.  Oh, and have you tried the fries?

Well, everyone wondered what happened when they temporarily stopped service--the word divorce was whispered on main street.

Then, in an even more beautiful setting with its own tree filled, shady courtyard, creating a sanctuary of good food in busy downtown La Mesa, a new La Torta Cafe rose from a family and restaurant re-invention.  It is basically right around the corner from the old location but the setting is even more picturesque.

Mr. Rojas was eager to talk about his restaurant--its so obvious he loves it.  He talked with compassion about his divorce, selling his other locations in San Diego, closing his original in la Mesa, a much loved and grown establishment from his own heart--and eventually rebuilding an even more successful and renown establishment. 

It was inspiring just to hear him talk.  Oh my gosh I love restaurants and I love food--what a perfect respite from a busy, hot day of shopping at the La Mesa Farmer's or antiquing on LMB.

Miguel has that certain gusto, he has that special spark that makes a restaurant a hit.

Personally, I'm going there right now to sit on the patio with the flowers and the trees, try the shrimp tacos and enjoy a nice cold beer under the shade.  I'm challenging anyone to beat that recipe for a good time in La Mesa.

And by the way--It's a torta, not a sandwich!