Jul 28, 2012

CNN--Fredricka Whitfield And Her Legal Boys--They Should Have Their Own Show

Fred riding the wild horse of 24 hour cable news
Saturday mornings...good chemistry...good information,,,and entertaining...
That's Fredricka Whitfield and her legal guys, Avery Friedman, civil rights attorney out of Cleveland and defense attorney, Richard Herman hailing form NY and LV.  Its the best CNN Saturday morning show since STYLE WITH ELSA KLENSCH.  I recommend it highly.  All the legal situations revealed on television news shows today--they're so interesting but who understands them?  I always loved the show, BURDEN OF PROOF, with Greta Van Susteren and Roger Cossack; what a sad loss of interesting information when it ended. 

Fred and her boys have successfully resurrected this very entertaining format.  They have a real good chemistry going on.  The boys love Fred and like any good mom, she challenges them to bring out their best--to share their knowledge and let us all be better informed.

Mom's home.......

We could see the boys were longing for Fred when she recently went on location--they liked the fill-in host and they performed well, but that certain dynamic and spark were missing.  They were so happy when Fred was back to cheerfully prod the kids and then congratulate for a job well done--mom was proud and the legal smiles went ear to ear. 

Fred knows her stuff....

Like any beautiful and knowledgeable mom, she prods the guys with facts to not only divulge information but engage in a polite, interesting and informative repartee.  By the time they're finished we have a good grasp of the situation and a informed view to both sides of the issue.

Good job Fred!

I was particularly interested in Richard Herman's and Avery Friedman's outrage with Jerry Sandusky.  Why?  At first glance that program seems like such a good opportunity for kids--especially for a busy mom.

8-20-12...update..my sincere apologies for the misspelling of the name Avery Friedman.  He provides us with good information each week, we are so lucky to have the chance to hear him speak,,,he deserves to have his name spelled correctly.  cl