Jun 22, 2012

Citizens in Favor of President Obama

Brent join me and Brian Terry's family in requesting that Eric Holder and President Obama release all records in relation to Fast and Furious. Shouldn't the parents of an honorable Border Patrol Agent murdered in the line of duty by an Amercian Gun sold by the US Government have all the truth out?

  Just wondering... how do those numbers compare to the war of George Bush and its toll on American citizens and soldiers.  The parents of the fallen soldiers are sad, as well.

 President Obama is the man who has demonstrated leadership in standing up to Rush Limbaugh in his horrible rant against women; he is also the President who has spoken in favor of civil rights for all and spoken in favor of gay marriage.  President Obama is the man who has made headway in providing healthcare for all of the citizens of the United States, just like the other advanced countries in the world.  President Obama is the one who voted in favor of saving our big car companies.  Right now the repubs have to think of a plan to cover the kids up to the age of 26 on the parents plan if the current healthcare guidelines are overturned.  Many parents, even conservatives, wil be very angry about that.

The first paragraph was a comment on Brent Budowsky's pundit blog on employment issues.  This appeared in "The Hill" yesterday.

The second paragraph is my comment against it.

The third paragraph is another comment I made in favor of President Obama.  I do feel he will win again--he sets a good example for civil rights in the United States.