Jun 13, 2012

KOGO 600's Program Director Cliff Albert Responds to Accusation of Frequent Call for Vigilante Justice by Host

Albert, Cliff CliffAlbert@clearchannel.com

to me
Neat name you have by the way.
Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.  You actually are a pretty creative writer. And it sounds to me like you do listen a lot based on your knowledge, so let me say thanks for listening to us when you do.
In the radio talk show business, the goal is to stand out from the dozens and dozens of choices that people have on how to spend their time. So it is natural for a talk show host like Chip, or Rush, or LaDona or Roger to be rather demonstrative with the words they use and the approach they take.   I guess it's like a debate team in high school or a lawyer presenting closing arguments in a trial. You don't succeed by just calmly reciting a bunch of facts and statements.  You have to have a passion and express emotion and be noticed and remembered. 
Talk show hosts also use lots of analogies to make a point and obviously do not literally mean to communciate that they want to hurt anyone. It's all designed to share thoughts and feelings that we think most of our listeners either share or want to offer an opposing opinion which 
we encouirage because it makes good radio.
As for my "usual speils on morality", they are designed to spark reaction and conversation and get people to thinking about some serious issues at times.  
Again, thanks for listening to KOGO when you do.  
This was Cliff Albert's response to a letter I sent to him about chip franklin often calling for vigilante justice.