Dec 21, 2012

Rolling Stones with Mick Taylor

Here are some nice things about Mick Taylor copied from You Tube----kleermaker1000 is very interesting.

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Published on Jul 31, 2012
Newcastle, September 13 first show
A less sound quality, especially compared to the two former and popular London versions, but though.
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  • jbstonesfan
    Very nice.....I am hoping they open up more of the vaults like they have been doing as of late. I was surprised to listen to LA 75 and find Ronnie trying to replicate the 72 sound which was impossible. The real tragedy in Taylor leaving(and I still think the Stones are the greatest) is that they no longer were a guitar driven band. RW and Keith's "ancient form of weaving" has it's moments (see Beas
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  • kleermaker1000
    Imo Ronny doesn't really feel the music of the Stones. As if he has no antenna for it. When you listen to the live version of BOB (Kansas, the 81 tour, it's on my channel too), you can hear Taylor doing some little things that make it special at once, despite Jagger's barking and the annoying sax (and the fact that Taylor is almost absent in the mix).
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