Dec 14, 2012

how I made my really cute PIGGY PILLOWCASES--my sewing obsession

Well, first I went to the quilting class of Kathy Green---one of my sewing heroes...

then I saw the barnyard pig of the other students was making a pillowcase...
I felt as if I would expire if I could not have that I immediately went to Rosie's Calico Cupboard and bought it...It was about 8 dollars a yard...100% cotton.
I used the pillowcase pattern Kathy gave us in is all over you is basically the burrito technique with french is very simple.,,,(after I cut it incorrectly and had to re-cut it so the pigs would be right side up on the bed.)
I had the lace from a purchased table runner....and now I am trying to sell them....or use them for a wall hanging....anything to just keep talking about them because they are soooooo cute.

to purchase the cute pigs go

or purchase right here with's the same thing.

one barnyard pillowcase..........19.00

two barnyard pillowcases.........35.00

tax and shipping are included

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