Dec 18, 2012

Here is Don Lemon on guns and my letter to President Obama on gun control

Here is Don Lemon on guns:

I sent and e-mail to President Obama about Don Lemon.....

Dear President Obama:  I think you may know Don Lemon from CNN.  I admire him very much.  I am sending you a link about his thoughts on gun control.  I do not like guns and I do not want to ever carry a gun.  I think you are doing a very, very good job, particularly on health care which is a difficult problem--health care should be a right of everyone but then the problem is paying for it--not putting the cost to a business or raising taxes.  I have written about you in my blog, The Ronnie Republic, many times...Ronnie is my dog.   Good luck to you and keep up the good work.   chloe louise

e-mail to President Obama........this is the e-mail form on the White House is very easy to use if you want to send a message to President Obama.

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