Dec 29, 2012

Good lord, bring Mick T. back to the band.

from Rolling Stone Music........and some very interesting comments about San Diego.........

  • evilizac 15 days ago

    Good lord, bring Mick T. back to the band. . . one last album, he would bring all of the ballads up to a beautiful level, they need a melodically gifted player like Mick Taylor to balance out the solid rockers the band has put out with some tasteful playing. . .

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    AR 15 days ago

    Where was Bill Wyman?? Without the Watts-Wyman engine room, sorry, it just don't cut it!

  • WWWalnut 15 days ago

    That's the first time I've been able to make it through a live clip of the Stones in 25 years. That was really, really good. Is there really not room for 3 guitarists up there for the whole show? It's just a natural-born fact - Mick Taylor makes the Stones better! Also Jagger is a wicked harp player!

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    Jethro 15 days ago

    Wish they'd give Taylor an extra song or two. The Stones have never done Time Waits For No One live. It'd be great to hear them do it with Taylor.

  • Steve Wimer 15 days ago

    $50 is a bit pricey to see them on television. I'll wait for the DVD.

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    Flick666 14 days ago

    pedal steel on "Happy"? Really?

  • Jim Kamlowsky 14 days ago

    It's amazing how much tighter they've gotten since the first show. Rock on!

  • Jamie Potter 14 days ago

    I hope they release this particular set on DVD.

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    Mick 15 days ago

    Same set list,except for a 2 songs? Come on guys. Mix things up a bit. It's called rehearsing b4 the show.

  • Chuck Ungar 15 days ago

    Mick Taylor looks like he lost a bunch of weight. He was pretty big a not too long ago. Maybe he did it because of this show.

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    richardllanes 12 days ago

    I have seen The Rolling Stones six times in San Diego, CA. The best one was in 1969 with Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman. Their first song was Jumpin Jack Flash with the introduction that made Keith Richards songs so original with Bill Wyman's bass runs. The second best was in 1981 when Ian Stewart the sixth stone toured with them, he was their piano player who died in 1985 of a heart attack. The Steal Wheels tour of 1989 which finished off in Europe in 1991 was fantastic. It can be heard in it's full set in the DVD titled The Rolling Stones at the Max. They played 2000 light years which was fantastic along with Mick Jagger's Rock and a Hard Place which I think is one of their best songs.In 1969 they did not switch guitars around all the time like they do now. They are tuned different which makes it easier to play certain songs but like Jumpin Jack Flash the way they did it in 1969 sounds just like the record. The way they play it now does not! The four DVD set from Best Buy has four DVD's. The first talking to the band members, the second at Madison Square Garden, the third at a new stadium in London and the fourth at a club type setting in Paris. Those two DVD's the Rolling Stones are at their best.

  • Devyn Damore 14 days ago

    Hey, that's the video I shot at the show. Where is my royalties check? haha

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    steve-o 14 days ago

    Was there the other night, tightest they've been in decades. Buzz coming in was "yeah...mick taylor", buzz was the same leaving only a bigger "yeahhh". If this is about it for them, they should really bring MT back, they are soooo much better w/ him

  • Peter Williams 15 days ago

    withtaylor there i wish they'd done moonlight mile

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