Nov 14, 2012



The one hot and more importantly, not  insane, republican, Jon Huntsman.

Really, I think if they would have run him they would have had a chance.  That seemed to me straight forward from the beginning, but apparently the others did not agree since he did not even come close to winning the nomination.

He said on the Sunday show, yes  I have 7 children and I have been married for a long time, but people can see that and you don.t have to rub it in every one's face.

Right, it seems as if he has respect for people that are a little bit different than himself.  His  family is magnificent but there are so many other  kinds of magnificent families,as well.

Isn't the great thing about America the wonderful mix of individuals and  the way things started in the first place.   I thought that was the premise of the whole place....freedom.  Freedom for everyone,not just sean hannity.

The dinosaurs are dead......

Perhaps there should be the new republican party...lead by Jon Huntsman....and the crazy republican party lead by Rush Limbaugh and all of the crazy moral preachers.

Sean Hannity likes to say on his show "taking back America."  What does that mean?  Who and what is American nowadays?  Does Sean think all of the other people stole America from the rich old white guys?

Can Sean Hannity count....

There are more of all of the other people, the one's who sean is taking America back from, as he always says on his radio show, than ROWGs.  The big money Texas fat cats just couldn't count correctly, as was evidenced by our wonderful election.  Maybe President Obama should include the one sane republican in his advisory committee to balance the insanity of all of the other repubs constantly trying to block him. 

Let the republican party purge those crazy people--they are giving their party a bad name--and the repubs and dems can come together and move the political conversation forward.

PS...I know there are other well qualified and well intentioned republicans...please comment and list them and their attributes..don't bother to include the limbaugh and hannityesque nuts...really...they are moving the political conversation backward, not forward.


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