Nov 14, 2012

police chase in south park San Diego today--right through the dog park


The Grape Street Dog Park in the South Park area of San Diego, California, sees a police chase today, November 14, 2012

Right, I was sitting there, enjoying the sun, ready to read a page in my book but I had to look up as the police sirens kept getting closer and closer--dangerously loud and close.  It's time to get up and move!  Sitting at the south end, the next thing I knew here comes a white SUV turning towards the north end of the Grape Street Dog Park parking lot with 7 police black and whites in hot pursuit.  Really, there is no where to go, literally, except down the canyon---the road ends---its the Balboa Park Trails.

On one side I saw my friend walking towards me with his dog--I saw the SUV and the police heading towards me across the grass--it was surreal.  We got out of the way just in time--I curtailed my dog quickly by his collar as the white SUV plowed right through the fence and barely missed parked cars at he other end of the parking lot.  All of the police followed in a line, right through the park, sirens blaring, lights flashing.  One police car veered off towards the other end of the parking lot--also through parked cars--but the white SUV got  away.

Too bad the police did not block off the parking lot--the Grape Street is a dead end--Grape dead ends into 28th--about a 2 block length with perpendicular parking, then its the fence, the park, the golf course and the canyons.  But really, if the street had been blocked by cop cars would that have been even worse?  The out of control vehicle seemed to be driven by a desperate individual.

It was before rush hour...

That would be around three o'clock at the dog park when the after work crowd starts to come in.  As it was, I'm saying about 2:30--there park was sparsely populated--the dog walkers getting in their last digs before the evening gang and dogs come in.  I did feel so sad for one lady, one real good dog walker and regular--she was visibly shaken--her face showed an exhausted, traumatized, scared expression--so different from her usual calm and controlled composure. 

Gosh--when it was over everyone was pushed back up against the golf course fence just trying to regain their composure and figure out what happened.

It was too much excitement--sometimes that place is packed and there are families with little kids and babies and dogs and older people.  I hope people were not hurt anywhere.  Thank goodness for the SDPD

What a scary scene!

 this is basically where the guy came careening across the lawn of the park
chloelouise--I should have tried to take a picture or a movie with my phone but I literally did not have time--the people were terrorized--I felt sorry for them.

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