Oct 14, 2012

The Bold and the Beautiful---Candy Crowley

The Bold and the Beautiful---Candy Crowley If I may be so bold.....I can't wait to see, my girl and CNN's Candy Crowley moderate the upcoming presidential debate this week. I have admired her for so long and she is right where she should be in the big leagues of news presiding over the most important news event of the week---or the year if I have it my way the year when President Obama knocks it out of the ball park and ties up the election winning another four years for the Dems. Enough about me....CNN is my channel and I have been watching it forever. Candy is absolutely one of the brightest lights for women in journalism. Her colleagues often comment about her brilliant news writing skills and her astute talent for journalism. She has the ability to get the information out of her interviewees without incriminating them--she will easily be the most skilled of all of the debate moderators. Candy speaks out and shows off her talents to women around the world. We can say a prayer for this beautiful and smart teenage girl who was recently wounded by the Taliban for speaking out, as well. I love it when the teenagers talk. I like CNN for having news moderators and stories about young people around the world---talking, speaking and making progress for young women and people everywhere. CNN is the news for everyone everywhere. -- chloelouise

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