Oct 4, 2012

Sten Martin--My Latest Sewing Obsession

Wow--I just finished watching the latest You Tube video from bespoke tailor Sten Martin.  How can I say this--watching his vids get the principles of fitting into my mind.

I have been sewing off and on forever.  Currently I am taking a sewing class from the very talented and knowledgeable and beautiful Donna Namdar.  She is an expert in sewing and fit and a particular style for each individual......That persons color, fit, tradition, natural style.  I feel so lucky to be in her class and hear what she has to say.

We are currently making a bodice block for the principles of fitting and pattern construction.  I always try so hard to sew correctly and make a good product but then the thing does not fit.  I am really so delayed in some of the basic elements of sewing construction.
I told our class about the amazing videos of Sten Martin.  Really, this man is a genius--he can take a plain piece of fabric and make it into a jacket.  I feel so lucky to see his show.  It is not that I could ever hope to do what he does with his degree of expertise---but watching him--the ideas go into my mind--it lets the whole idea of fitting and pattern making and measurements go together.

I'm suggesting to CNN to put him on Fashion--Backstage Pass with Alina Cho.  These videos are so helpful.  I hope everyone can see them.

chloe louise

Sewing Fundamentals II/Intermediate Sewing
2012 Fall Semester
San Diego Community College/ San Diego Continuing Education

My class is at the West City Campus Location in the Loma Portal area of San Diego.
The Address is 3249 Fordham Street, San Diego, Ca  92110
The school is new and beautiful with easy access to the school and parking, but the most important thing to me is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

I have also taken the quilting class from one of my other sewing heroes Kathy Green at the North City Campus on Aero Drive.  


Here is the link to Sten Martin on You Tube:

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