Oct 24, 2012



Just wanted to let everyone know about this wonderful school and the silk scarf class Saturday.

That would be this Saturday:

October 27, 2012

9 am to 2 or 3pm

My very good sewing teacher Donna Namdar has said there wil be a wonderful class this Saturday on the creation of silk scarves.  It will be held right across the hall from our beautiful and comfortable and large and modern classroom at the Point Loma Branch of the San Diego Continuing Education School.

I love going to these classes because not only are the instructors extremely well qualified and knowledgeable but everyone in the class and the people connected with the class are very welcoming and friendly.  In fact, there is a wonderful "no hate" sign in the lobby that always gets my attention.  There are people in the classes of all ages and people from everywhere around the world.

The whole thing is just great and I would recommend these classes for anyone.

For this class, Donna, my instructor, said you just walk in and pay 10 dollars.  No pre-registration or supplies are required--everything will be in the class that you need.

here is the link to the website:
San Diego Continuing Educatin http://www.sdce.edu/

here is a link to the class schedule page
class schedule page http://www.sdce.edu/class-schedule?topic=700&campus=west&term=999&keyword=&subcat=700&x=32&y=8

here is the link to this particular class:
textile surface design http://www.sdce.edu/class-details/2167B

This is at the West City Campus---on Fordham Street right off Midway upstairs in room 209.

It is the adult school--the continuing education portion of the community colleges in San Diego.  The building is beautiful and new and friendly and I love all of the sewing classes.

On the third link there is a map to the class--You may want to call for more information or particulars--I heard about this class in my class and perhaps there are more details of interest to the people who are planning on attending.

Have fun at the class---cl

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