Oct 18, 2012

KOGO 600's chip franklin's Seat Belt Rant Proves Again I Q is Not a Prerequisite for Shock Jock.

Hey--Is that guy chip franklin weird or what?
KOGO 600 of San Diego proved this morning at 7:30 that intellectual discrimination is not a prerequisite for being a shock-jock. The man is a bit of an odd beast, isn't he?

 He went on again, endlessly--he likes seat belts and he is in favor of them but he does not want a government ruling about it. Wow, chip--even when the firefighter came on and tried to tell you the facts--you laughed in his face.

 I do believe it is a conclusion now that seat belts save lives. Really, chip are you that challenged or are we and you're just making a show?

You go on forever about talking on the phone while you drive, not wearing a seat belt while driving to the gym. Do children hear you--do teens hear you--could they follow your suggestion?

Isn't is a given now that unrestrained passengers fly in the car when there is an accident. Isn't that why we have child safety laws about children and car seats and seat belts in general.

 The laws are good--why? Because there are plenty of kids, people, older people who do not think, or are in a rush, or are busy. Clicking the seat belt should not be a decision every time we get into the car--it should be automatic. It saves lives. 

There are plenty of unrestrained driver's ejected from the car in an accident. People are less injured now in car crashes due to technology and laws and better seat belts. chip said he will sign papers so the emergency worker , given he was in a crash, would not have to be responsible for taking him to a hospital--to cost taxpayers, or insurance or hospitals money because he refused to wear his seatbelt. Really, chip, because I don't think the EMTs usually start digging through paperwork before they start saving someone's life.

Who is the grand pooh-pah at KOGO that lets this egomaniac rant? Is that you, Cliff? Wow, a rant at the expense of the citizen's safety. Not even those girls on the show could stops those words out of the bald headed mouth!

 KOGO 600's chip franklin's Seat Belt Rant Proves Again I Q is Not a Prerequisite for Shock Jock.

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