Aug 21, 2012



Here is a picture of George Smiley.

He is a secret agent functioning at the highest level of British intelligence.

He is always "watching" and collecting information.

Special abilities:  blending in with the average workaday commuter--waiting for the tube at rush hour.
george smiley

connie sachs
This is a photo of Connie Sachs, a research specialist, George and Connie are friends:   big boned and beautiful--this girl really likes to call all the shots.......

JIm Prideaux   "the pit bull"

Now, this is Jim Prideaux.  No one will admit it, but at the top of every spy ring there is always a muscle man who works in the field.  The circus has Jim, aka "the pit bull."

"Ronnie"  famous London nightclub owner
Unrecognizable, indeed!  This is actually a picture of Jim using one of his "work" names.  Even though his establishment is quite famous and well known the name cannot be revealed in fear of his cover being blown.  Jim, "Ronnie," is a big and admired fixture on the London nightlife scene.

George Smiley loves to begin his day of gathering information with a big bowl of mackerel.  A good parapet is a perfect place for observation.

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