Aug 22, 2012

KOGO 600's Bullying Shock-Jock chip franklin, Hung-Up on by Martha Burk

KOGO 600's Bullying shock-jock chip franklin, hung-up on by Martha Burk

chip franklin, of KOGO 600 morning hate talk radio in San Diego, laid out by Martha Burk--chip is always beat down bad when he gets in the ring with the big girls!

Oh, I thought I was being nice." chip said after Martha hung up on him.

Martha Burk was recently admitted to the Augusta National Golf Club as the first female member along with Condoleeza Rice.  She has already experienced a long battle with Augusta National so chip franklin's ill-fated attempt at an interview, where he was planning on talking about his chauvinistic ideas, was small potatoes to her. 

Perhaps chip's reputation as a bully and bragger preceded him.  Maybe it was the way he often calls for vigilante justice.  Maybe it was the way he said he thought a girl's ass should be kicked--the politician from San Francisco.  Maybe she heard about the way he humiliated Ray Lutz speaking for the Occupy  group  on his show. 

He simply would not let her talk--she gave him three warnings to let her talk but chip's hard head would not let him heed her stern warning. 

chip--here's my tip--In an interview it might be more interesting if we get to hear what the person you are interviewing has to say--that would be instead of you!

Right chip--you were real nice--you said in your set-up several times, "Wait 'til she hears from me,  she won't like me after she talks to me." 

He said he thought he was not adversarial.  Are you kidding, chip.  Your ambush style interview never got off the ground and she won.  Nice try chip.

The bullying man, chip franklin laid out bad by Martha Burk.....he said he wouldn't back down--back down--he never got up--he's dreaming!

When chip goes up against the professionals he loses big time as was also evidenced when the nanny, Fran Drescher, slammed the screen door in his face  when he tried to say he didn't think there was a need for the equal rights amendment for women.  He did not get one word in--he was really undone that day!

Nice try chip, but you lose

Oh, maybe she heard you say you wanted to body-slam Gloria Allred?
Then  he further embarrassed himself when he made a joke about turtles being abused.....
And chip--just another loud, foolish, environmentally backward, conservative talk radio host--don't make a joke about turtles--it gives plenty of people out there the idea its okay to be mean to animals.  What if someone flew your dog around then dropped him, then laughed about it on the radio.  You would be sad and mad about that.
chip---you've had a bad morning.

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When it came to working in television, what Johnny knew — and what far too few of his successors in the late-night arena seem to understand — is that although it’s called a talk show, the essential skill is to listen. Carson represented the host as perfect audience. Time after time in “King of the Night,’’ former guests marvel at how Johnny, as an interviewer, gave them room to shine. “He had the perfect barometer in his head of when to go and when to stay out,’’ says Arsenio Hall. “He could save you if the show needed it or he could let you do your thing — his ego could let you do your thing.’’

 By Don Aucoin
Globe Staff / May 14, 2012 
from the Boston Globe---A Closer Look at the King of Late Night


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